Aptitive: Enriching Data through Analytics

Paul Corning, CEO
“The data glut will continue to accompany us throughout our lifetime,” begins Paul Corning, CEO of Aptitive. Corning further adds, “Organizations will never cease to explore efficient ways for processing the voluminous information. However, deriving actionable insights from the massive data deluge is a herculean task.” The scenario solicits a robust data consolidation mechanism for a unified view as well as business and predictive analytics to discern the information and inject efficiency into business processes. Chicago, IL based Aptitive addresses the market situation through its data management, custom application development, business intelligence and analytics capabilities. The company empowers clients with solutions to optimize the collection and delivery of critical data to make better, more informed business decisions. “Our aptitude to simplify the data in innovative ways is a crucial factor in redefining the process of data integration and analytics,” states Corning.

“To solve business conundrums, the organizations require clean and good data,” says Corning. Aptitive works with all technology platforms and garners data from all sources to consolidate it and develop an insightful data warehouse. The company identifies, captures, and integrates relevant data so their clients can fulfill their unique business requirements. “After gaining the good data, the companies have data trove, which is analysis ready,” states Corning. Aptitive helps the clients to discern the information through data visualization and executive dashboards and also simplifies the process of making data-driven business decisions. “We collaborate with the clients to align the decision making process with the market trends in order to address their core business issues,” elucidates Corning. The company harnesses the power of analytics to add value to their clients existing business processes. The analytics play crucial role in streamlining sales and business processes, eventually improving the bottom line. “The combined prowess of data visualization and analytics contribute to Business Intelligence (BI),” says Corning.

Aptitive tackles all data-related challenges through its gamut of offerings.

Aptitive helps clients to build a proof of concept

“Our projects involve custom application development alongside data integration and BI to empower the end user with the disseminated information,” states Corning. The company also solves problems in cloud computing and the practice aptly resolves the data intricacies pertinent to cloud native solutions. Aptitive also harnesses the product knowledge gained by virtue of its partnerships with Microsoft and Google to empower its clients with cutting-edge solutions. “The partnerships endue us with first line of sight to new solution offerings and better perception of their product roadmap,” says Corning.

In one of the implementation highlights, a large electronic manufacturer and distributor had latency and data quality problem while getting data from the third party distributors. The client had to expedite the sales data reception, solve complexities in inventory management, and achieve sales targets. Aptitive performed an infrastructure overhaul and developed a web services application, which was responsible for amassing data. The firm helped the client with new data integration solution, powered by predictive analytics to collect information in real time, within minutes as opposed to the previous timeframe of 60 days. The company also built custom application screens in Salesforce to bestow their clients with visibility into the sales process. Eventually, the electronic manufacturer and distributor was able to witness a significant increase in sales and revenue.

“We invest in people and technologies especially analytics and machine learning to create success stories akin to the large electronic manufacturer,” states Corning. “To sum it up, Aptitive helps clients to build a proof of concept.” The company stands apart from market competitors with its quality and expert consulting. “We look forward to continuing our journey of technological excellence with our team of the brightest technical minds,” concludes Corning.


Chicago, IL

Paul Corning, CEO

Empowers clients with solutions to optimize the collection and delivery of critical data in making informed business decisions