Aqaba Technologies: Efficient Strategies for Successful Online Marketing Campaigns

Ramsey Sweis, President & Founder
Believe it or not, we live in a web-centric world. Consumers base their buying decisions only after an extensive online research,” says Ramsey Sweis, President, Aqaba Technologies. Accordingly, Google is constantly evolving its Adwords platform with never ending updates and value added features to help businesses get noticed on web. “However, businesses must invest in this ever so evolving dynamic industry to stay relevant. This takes skilled talent for an industry that has no set standard of rules to run by,” he adds. Aqaba Technologies, Sterling Heights, MI based company provides professional internet consultants—the team of creatives, designers and developers—who work together to create beautiful, engaging digital experiences for businesses. The company’s consultants help businesses measure their understanding of Google products and keep them up-to-date with an industry leader such as Google that accounts for 67 percent of search performed on web. “Since Google dominates the lion’s share of search, we dedicate many man hours on improving our ‘Google skills’ that translates in into successful web campaigns for our clientele,” extols Sweis.

Aqaba Technologies is a Google Certified Partner that follows strict guidelines and best practices set by the search giant. “We search trends, keyword analysis, upstream/downstream traffic and more and we are proud of this status as we have been fostering the relationship with Google for several years now as well as having our account managers complete the Adwords training exam and certification process as certified users of Google Adwords as well,” remarks Sweis.As a Google expert, Aqaba Technologies strategizes the best approach to an integrated SEO marketing campaign. The company performs code analysis, navigation structure, content, reporting, understanding of analytics, social media presence— just to name a few varying SEO factors Aqaba Technologies takes into consideration before sketching an effective online marketing campaign.

Also, the company recognizes that PPC is a key to the success of businesses. Aqaba Technologies’ core areas of expertise lie in keyword research, budget planning, mobile strategy, local marketing, strategic bidding and ad creation for effective PPC campaign.
The company’s experts evaluate navigation and landing page designs and advise clients on the kind of changes they need to make. “Based on our evaluation, we’ll supply clients with relevant ads and implement effective landing page designs that lower their bidding cost on any page during the PPC campaign,” says Sweis. “Using real time analytics, our PPC experts help clients monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their ads and promotions around the clock. The company doesn’t just give out raw data, but precise information on the number of people who have seen and clicked ads,” he adds. One of the company’s clients, a major hospital in the Detroit area, approached Aqaba Technologies to expand their footprint outside the Detroit area and to lower their cost per conversion or booked procedures for invasive medical weight loss by bariatric surgery methods. “Our client was spending on an average $2,200 per procedure booked by traditional means of advertising. Through our PPC campaigns we directly promoted self-pay procedures on web which saved them approximate $454,700 in ad spending by decreasing their cost per conversion down to less than $220 per booked procedure and increasing their Web presence and conversions as well,” says Sweis.

Since Google dominates the lion’s share of search, we dedicate many man hours on improving our skill which in turn trickles-down to our clientele

Going forward, as the mobile marketing medium is growing at a pace too fast and hard to define, Aqaba technologies is training for mobile SEO and PPC strategies. “We find that the mobile medium operates and reacts much differently than desktop search—trend data and averages are treated much differently here,” says Sweis. “We are helping our clients transition into the mobile SEO and PPC space by developing strategies unique within their ad spend, landing pages, content, responsive web development and in overall client web strategy,” concludes Sweis.

Aqaba Technologies

Sterling Heights, MI

Ramsey Sweis, President & Founder

Aqaba is a global web strategies company with a focus on a dynamic approach to enhance web presence of businesses.