Aquicor: Automating and Simplifying Energy Management

Logan Soya, Founder & CEO
Bagging in-depth knowledge and expertise in data management and analysis, SaaS architecture, and energy management solutions, Logan Soya, Founder and CEO of Aquicore, is driving his company to meet today’s building energy consumption challenges. According to the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS)— Commercial Real Estate (CRE) waste around thirty percentage of total energy a year worth $1 trillion. The Washington, DC based Aquicore is specialized in implementing new and evolving technologies in the energy-management field, such as real-time energy monitoring, wireless sub-metering and on-demand ventilation to help CRE owners save huge capitals every year and vastly improve operational efficiency. “We provide all of what it takes to deliver real-time energy monitoring, from metering, to the delivery aspect, to the software itself,” says Soya.

The company’s team of metering experts will determine which existing meters can be connected to its software and will handle the installation of any new meters and submeters. The Aquicore platform collects and centralizes the realtime data from these meters, regardless of the source, building type, or use, enabling CREs identify trends and uncover key insights to drive operational value. This helps prevent costly mishaps with real-time alerts and reports along with providing insight into; how much energy is being used in near real time, whether the electricity use is high, medium or low, which department is consuming more and which device is less energy efficient and more.

Aquicore’s single platform takes care of the entire energy management of commercial real estate through automating the whole facility. It offers best-in-class data collection through advanced process automation replacing manual meter readings and avoiding human errors. The system records the amount of energy used and calculates utility charges for tenants across all lease structures automatically generating and emailing personalized meter-verified invoices for each tenants. This saves a lot of time spent on meter readings and engaging more professionals.

We provide all of what it takes to deliver real-time energy monitoring, from the metering, to the delivery aspect, to the software itself

“Using Aquicore has been great! Their automated tenant billing cut my monthly process from two days to two minutes,” says Shaunta Lee, Property Assistant, MRP, one of Aquicore’s clients.

The passion and commitment Aquicore have in solving complex problems in energy management has helped multitude of CREs save huge capitals. To quote an example, The Lenkin Company, a full service owner, developer and manager of properties with a current commercial portfolio of 1.35 million square feet, decided to upgrade its energy saving methods by implementing better techniques for collecting and analyzing real-time energy data. Previously, the Lenkin engineers used to check their building meters on a daily basis graphing out the values to track energy usage. This method was time consuming and prone to human errors. As a try-out, the client deployed Aquicore solutions, both hardware and software, in five of its buildings. As a result, the customer was able to use the data efficiently to reduce energy consumption, avoid wastage and surpass initial savings expectations. Now they have an automated and scalable solution in place which can also be operated remotely in addition to saving over seventy seven thousand dollars annually.

Over the past years, Aquicore have contributed towards enhancing and simplifying energy management through rapid evolution in smart technology. Forging ahead, the company is advancing ways in which technology can build smarter cities and facilities by developing a sensor network to form the backbone of intelligent building operations.


Washington, WA

Logan Soya, Founder & CEO

Delivers real-time energy monitoring solution for large commercial real estate properties