Araxid: Enabling Better Decisions through Trusted Data

CIO VendorBrent Williams, CEO and CTO
Leveraging Big Data and providing predictive analysis is a fairly common practice, but ensuring the accuracy of those insights is often left unattended. Tackling the Big Data complexities from another angle is Araxid. Spearheaded by Brent Williams, a former U.S. Navy Nuclear Officer, the company is focused on using Big Data to ensure trust–that enables enterprises and individuals to know that records, attributes, identities and the analysis are trustworthy.

Araxid ensures that you can trust your data and subsequently your analysis

“Big Data is only as good at the inputs they are analyzing. If you have bad data going in, you will have bad analysis coming out,” says Brent Williams, Araxid CEO. Araxid has developed Big Data tools that solve not only the data challenges of healthcare and finance but also those of supply chain security, critical infrastructure and marketing. They use Polydimensional Analysis to ensure the inputs can be trusted which in turn, enables larger analysis to be used with confidence. Fundamentally, Araxid’s services are all about enabling better decisions through trusted data, collaboration and analysis. Be it linking banking, business and health records, or securely exchanging data with their clients’ partners; or the desire to have a better understanding of the analysis outcomes—Araxid‘s suite of services is unique in its capability and integrated approach.
At the heart of Araxid’s services is its proprietary Active Asymmetric Analysis (AAA) engine. AAA is the first analytics engine of its kind to apply not only quantitative and qualitative algorithms, but also to replicate on a macro scale, elements of human intuition along with machine intelligence. This makes it superior to the other ‘run of the mill’ Big Data engines in the market and when utilized within Araxid’s Trust solutions across industries, it enables users and enterprises to correct, protect, secure and control data which accelerates trust. Araxid is supremely confident in its services; it is the first analytics firm to insure the data they provide. “It is so effective that, we provide insurance coverage from one of the largest insurers in the world that the information AAA provides can be trusted,” asserts Williams. Rather than providing a ‘one size fits all’ solution, Araxid’s offerings are tailored to address specific market needs. Backing this is the relatively new Araxid HEART solution that is designed to meet the healthcare industry’s needs and understand the complexities of insurance coverage. It is a comprehensive solution that does not require complex integration and configuration.

Today, healthcare is challenged with not only costs but also the quality of outcomes, and it is important for them to be able to accurately match patient data between multiple entities. When patient data such as test results, are not accurately matched, tests often tend to be repeated, impacting the treatment. By using Araxid’s MATCH service, a healthcare provider was able to improve the matching rate on their records. Their matching rate saw a significant rise from less than 63 percent to over 97 percent.

With Big Data becoming bigger by the minute, Araxid is well positioned to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The continued development of their products and platforms will help in filtering the data noise and enabling an unprecedented level of analysis and collaboration while ensuring privacy and security.


McLean, VA

Brent Williams, CEO and CTO

Solves business problems through polydimensional analysis and secure collaboration.