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Alexey Tulin, President
“Much time, many changes.” Decades ago, automotive industry focused on inventing cars for various segments and the methods to increase performance. Today, the scenario is different. There’s a lot more that goes into a modern automobile. Sensors, software, processors—innovations have given rise to the ‘connected car.’ And therein lies the problem—classic Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are facing challenges in designing these modern machines which in addition to aligning with industry regulations also need to provide consumers a seamless experience. A veteran in the industry, Archer Software—a premier software development firm—is well positioned to help these firms tackle the issues. The company uses advanced technology to pro¬vide reliable, energy-efficient, and secure connected car solutions. Headquartered in New York, the company specializes in mobile, web, embedded and UX/UI development. “We help clients build products for Telematics, Infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS),” says Alexey Tulin, President, Archer Software.

For monitoring the quality of driving, Archer Software offers driving behavior monitoring and safety management solutions, which provide insight about map analysis and accident prone zones. Customers in the fleet management space are benefited from this feature as they can pay the employees based on the driving behavior. As many customers approach Usage Based Insurance (UBI), the employees’ quality of driving will be directly connected to the insurance payments. The safety management solution detects collisions and dangerous road locations with its sensors to avoid accidents. “Our solution’s real-time tracking system provides in-vehicle feedbacks on aggressive driving and speeding to the clients,” delineates company COO, Alex Sharko.

In one instance, the firm worked with a client in an embedded technology and programming project—on building a specific application for monitoring and examining the vehicles of the major OEMs. The client was able to examine and analyze the behavior of the vehicle through the data retrieved from the Passenger Car Units (PCUs) and Electronic/Engine Control Units (ECUs).

We focus on developing the solution according to the clients’ actual needs rather than providing ready-to-serve products

“We emulate the car through the application by pre-defined false behavior errors and re-emulate it to avoid failure,” states Tulin.

Tulin summarized the company’s expertise and highlighted a case study of working with a client that provides solutions for the vending industry. The client was in dire need of a solution that enables their customers to automate the trucks’ route management, which supplies vending machines. The company demanded the solution to optimize truck routes and the process of filling the machines, detect accidents and vending machines failure, and organize transactions. The client approached Archer Software to develop a solution that collects data from the vending machine such as the time to restock the products, the machine to be repaired amongst others. The sensors developed by Archer let the client access the information through laptops and mobile.

“We focus on developing the solution according to the clients’ actual needs rather than providing ready-to-serve products,” exclaims Tulin. Archer Software has plans on developing solutions based on Big Data analytics that analyzes the behavior of the applications based on the existing patterns. “The solutions’ pattern detects the behavior of the driver and if there is change in the behavior pattern, the client will be alerted that the driver is different,” adds Sharko.

In the days to come, the R&D team at Archer Software will be focusing on working with a combination of different concepts like Big Data analytics, mobile apps and integration with the internet and classic set of technologies like embedded back-ends, and database analysis.

Archer Software

New York City, NY

Alexey Tulin, President

Uses advanced technology concepts to provide reliable, energy-efficient and secure connected cars solutions

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