ArcherGrey: Comprehensive Enterprise PLM Solution for end-to-end Retail Requirements

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Kelly Price, Director of Business Development
It is no secret that retail is undergoing rapid transformation and how retailers execute the development of a product can be the secret sauce. Technology is at the forefront of this transformation and continues to increase its footprint in the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) process from the initial concept through a sale. As Kelly Price, Director of Business Development states, “Technology is here to stay, it is not going to go away when you wake up tomorrow, and we have to learn how to embrace it cautiously as not to disrupt organizational growth.” This massive change and introduction of new technology can be disruptive to organizations if guided leadership and clear change management strategies are not in place. Kelly has first-hand exposure to this and is helping retailers navigate the complexities of constant change by combining her extensive retail experience with a detailed understanding of how PLM solutions can help transform organizations to manage change more effectively and drive bottom-line results.

For over 15 years ArcherGrey has worked with many Leading companies in establishing and growing their PLM solutions, and one thing that is apparent is the importance of change management and streamlined processes to ensure success. The PLM software is reliable and can meet the needs of diversified industries; the delivery and execution of the enterprise solution come from the users, the ones faced with the change. The data in the PLM system is extremely powerful if it is accurate and the ability to materialize an ROI based on this data is paramount. ArcherGrey takes a top down, bottom up approach, they strive to understand the corporate goals and initiatives and provide solutions based on the individual needs of the client. ArcherGrey takes pride in helping clients ‘see’ the unique value drivers of their business, focusing on the organization’s change management, ROI, and its users.

The landscape of technology in retail continues to grow beyond an enterprise PLM solution, reaching into 3D Visualization and onto Augmented Reality.

Allowing companies to see value in the tools, yet reduce disruption, will open the doors to opportunities to further deliver value, shorten the development cycle and reduce cost

As many retailers drive for increased speed, reduced cost of goods, increased penetration of privately designed goods it is apparent to build upon the PLM solution to meet these initiatives. Establishing and maintaining an enterprise PLM solution is imperative to allow for continuous improvements from the software provider and relaying those benefits to the users. In addition, the utilization of 3D software in design is becoming increasingly important to stay competitive in this space. With this growth of 3D comes more change again to reduce the impact of the change on users yet provide value to retailers ArcherGrey is considering offering 3D content creation as a service. This will allow retailers to see virtually designed samples within hours instead of weeks. 3D imaging will also help in improved decision-making along with major cost savings. Once retailers can see the value of the tools, we feel this will drive further adoption. Kelly noted that allowing retailers to virtually sample products will reduce the environmental impact. They further plan to include predictive analytics software, to empower customers in deciding which products suit their tastes best using the 3D images again to drive results quickly. Kelly feels that allowing companies to see value in the tools yet reduce disruption will open the doors to opportunities to further deliver value, shorten the development cycle and reduce cost. This service will help catapult retailers into the next generation Design and Augmented Reality.


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Kelly Price, Director of Business Development

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