ARCHIBUS: Building Future through Intelligent-Enterprise Asset Management

Bruce K. Forbes, CEO
The pace of urbanization is increasing. Between swelling populations and dwindling resources, cities are evolving their ‘smart technologies’ into intelligent eco-systems in order to attract skilled residents, companies, and organizations for growth and sustainability. For over 40 years now, technology providers have offered smart city technologies which city authorities have procured, but today they are evolving their cities—with their associated “less-than-intelligent assets” and “intelligent assets”—into "Intelligent Cities.” Intelligent Cities necessitate development of the right environment for effective adoption and usage of intelligent assets. Carving a niche in this space, ARCHIBUS develops and implements intelligent-Enterprise Asset Management (i-EAM) solutions which use disruptive, intelligent asset technologies and intelligent eco-systems to steer cities down their best-of-class, perpetual evolutionary paths.

Based on recommendations of over 8 million ARCHIBUS Users, i-EAM connects and integrates ARCHIBUS applications (such as Asset Portal, Asset Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Intelligent Mobile/Consoles/ Dashboards/Connectors, Performance Metrics & Analytics and other Smart Technologies) with over 100,000 legacy systems, point solutions, applications and databases.

“The creation of intelligent assets within an organization’s real estate, infrastructure and/or facility portfolio is important if they are to realize increases in productivity and profitability. Intelligent-Enterprise Asset Management enables the creation of ‘intelligent assets’ through i-EAM’s Quad-directional Connectivity which connects and integrates Alpha Numeric, CAD, BIM, and GIS Apps,” says Bruce K. Forbes, Founder/ President and CEO, ARCHIBUS, Inc.

“A great example of the benefit of i-EAM is at one of Europe’s leading Telecommunication Companies who, in 2003 after just 18 months of utilizing their ARCHIBUS i-EAM and other ARCHIBUS offerings, were able to save over 1,000 million (USD).
In the two years that followed, they reinvested their savings into creating remarkable and sustainable workplaces through intelligent asset utilization which resulted in increases in productivity and profitability as well as an increased company market value of over 160 percent.”

The ARCHIBUS CEO envisions intelligent cities with four primary values: Livability with Intelligent Assets —by involving digital devices akin to smart phones, tablets, or smart watches to move towards clean, healthy living conditions without pollution and congestion.

ARCHIBUS leads the path further by introducing Workability with Intelligent Assets in the intelligent cities. These resources enable implementation of infrastructure for energy, connectivity, computing, and essential services that facilitate individuals’ and organizations’ ability to compete at a global level. The last two values are Sustainability Technologies with Intelligent Assets and Analytics and Metrics Optimization with Intelligent Assets for the entire lifecycle of an asset.

“At ARCHIBUS, over the last 40 years, we have developed and interfaced with world-class smart and intelligent technologies and workflows that continually evolve into a category called “intelligent enterprise information modeling” of which i-EAM is one of its primary components. We connect our solutions with the existing systems and legacy data to create Ubiquitous BIG Data that have been founded on the syncing of an organization’s data, information, knowledge, and wisdom,” adds Forbes.

Today, more than 8,000,000 ARCHIBUS users around the globe manage over 22,000,000 buildings and properties, collectively saving over $100 billion each year. “ARCHIBUS has successfully helped thousands of clients in Undertaking Intuitive Business Transformation and the re-invention of their enterprise business processes, subsequently reducing of their second largest expense-real estate and facilities management,” concludes Forbes.


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Bruce K. Forbes, CEO

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