ARCHIBUS and the ARCHIBUS Federated Eco-System: Empowering Organizations to Mitigate Risks and Enhan

Bachelor’s degrees in Architecture and Computer Science/Computer Information Science and Master’s degrees in Computer Graphics/Computer Science, Architecture, and Business Administration may sound big, but not for Bruce K. Forbes, President/CEO and Founder, ARCHIBUS. With Steve Coons (Father of Computer Graphics) as his mentor, Forbes went on to conduct the world’s first survey of computer applications for architecture which also reflected needs of the engineering, interior design, construction industries. Understanding the need for integrated real estate, infrastructure and facilities management automation, he then designed the world’s first Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system. Forbes’s desire to bring automation to the profession in a more timely fashion culminated in the foundation for ARCHIBUS, a complete product and service provider for real estate, infrastructure and facilities management.

We have a reputation for completing projects on time and within budget, and are pleased with our 96.4 percent customer retention rate

ARCHIBUS is a software solution that transforms and improves the efficiency of integrated real estate, infrastructure and facilities management. Headquartered in Boston, ARCHIBUS has over 7 million users across the globe and is available in over 190 countries and over 30 languages. With ARCHIBUS technology, organizations can use a single, comprehensive, integrated solution to make informed strategic decisions that optimize return-on-investment, lower asset life-cycle costs, and increase enterprise-wide productivity thus reducing their infrastructure and facilities related costs. ARCHIBUS is an Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) system for intelligent asset life-cycle management that results in savings of up to 34%.
Bruce K. Forbes, President/CEO & Founder
ARCHIBUS offers a variety of platform options, from single users within a department to worldwide access via the internet and mobile devices, depending on customer’s requirements.

Forbes was proud to note that, “In 2013, expenditures for IWMS-related product and services exceeded $2.3 billion USD. With the support of the ARCHIBUS Federated Eco-System, which includes 161 ARCHIBUS Solution Centers and 1,700 ARCHIBUS Business Partners, we have achieved the best-ofclass reputation for completing projects on time and within budget at a cost less than 1/10th that of many of our competitors.”

One of ARCHIBUS’ big success stories was to centralize facilities management data and work processes at Italy’s largest oil and gas producer EniServizi (Eni) while also linking that information with other corporate ERP systems. “ARCHIBUS is managing Eni’s 400,000 square meters across 35 sites. They have been instrumental in taking this classification system global and producing Key Performance Indicators across the organization,” said Massimo Varani, Senior Project Manager, Eni.

In another instance, ARCHIBUS’ solution strategy has also helped in optimizing operations of Turk Telekcom. Other prominent names in ARCHIBUS’ clientele include EMC, Kaiser-Permanente, BP Amoco, Banco Santander, Porsche, KBC Bank.

Recently, expansion in Asia has been very successful and revenues are anticipated to exceed $1 billion (USD). “Globally, we are planning to look at each customer and prospect across industries, analyze their needs and work towards their goals, and continually gain their 100 percent confidence; that is our success roadmap,” concludes Forbes.

ARCHIBUS and the ARCHIBUS Federated Eco-System

Boston, MA

Bruce K. Forbes, President/CEO & Founder

An ERP Solution for Intelligent Asset Life-Cycle Management, providing a suite of over 90 fully integrated applications that address all aspects of real estate, infrastructure, and facilities management