Archimedes Controls Corp.: Enhancing Data Center Environment and Physical Security Management

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Data centers are often critical to the operations of the organizations that they serve. As the more business processes move toward computing environments— particularly to centralized/cloud computing—the demand for, and work-load on, these systems and infrastructure has grown. Irrespective of if it’s a local or remote data-closet or mega-sites, these data centers are hubs for data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and reporting that often directly impact business operations. As a result, today’s and tomorrow’s data centers need to offer high network performance, system uptime, transparency, physical asset security, and infrastructure management. Addressing this need, Archimedes Controls Corp. provides data center infrastructural and environmental security monitoring, management and control solutions that give operators cabinet/shelf/server level control and visibility to address issues proactively and achieve five 9s uptime.

The company’s solution is a unique combination of hardware and cloud components. The hardware branded: “A150”consists of 100 percent wireless ‘set-n-play’ high precision sensors that can be rapidly deployed in any computing environment such as collocation, cloud, edge, micro, and enterprise data centers. The sensors have ten years of operational lives before needing to change batteries and are likely to outlive the assets that they were placed to monitor. They monitor power use, environmental data and access record such as ambient temperature, humidity, airflow, air pressure, air particulates, water leak and rack access. The data obtained from these sensors are communicated to the Archimedes’ cloud software: “ARCOS”.

ARCOS provides real-time and historical environmental/ energy data, asset tracking, and other features with interactive 3D visualizations and customizable dashboards. By default ARCOS is a cloud based solution, however, it can also be deployed in private/LAN environments. ARCOS leverages the sensor data to create reports, tables, graphs, and 3D visualizations of data center performances. Customers can customize this visualization from over thousands modeled parts as per their evolving business requirements. Additionally, ARCOS also provides assets management, remote HVAC monitoring, power usage monitoring and controls, capacity planning tools, physical and virtual machine monitoring, change management, among other features. Lastly, with ARCOS, data center operators with multiple data centers can easily select specific data centers, racks, or servers based on geographical and space navigation through intuitive dashboards and hectographs; the experience is similar to physically visiting the equipment but without the time and cost.
“We prefer to think our solution to be ‘transformative’ rather than ‘disruptive,’ since we are in the business of sustaining our customer assets and built environments,” says Jumie Yuventi, Business Development Manager, Archimedes Controls Corp. The transformative nature of the company is visible through its ‘set-n-play’ sensors, a turn-key end-to-end management platform, and an intuitive approach to performance communication via visualization. However, the other ways Archimedes differentiate itself from the competitors include its price point, which is significantly lower than alternative options in material, installation, and operational costs. “We also offer various service options to give the customers more flexibility when it comes to how they manage IT budgets.”

We prefer to think our solution to be ‘transformative’ rather than ‘disruptive,’ since we are in the business of sustaining our customer assets and built environments

In an example use-case, a large data center operator in Asia was searching for a solution to reduce their power usage to qualify for the US-lead green energy initiative. On leveraging Archimedes’ A150-ARCOS solution and combining it with other technologies, the customer was able to reduce their electricity consumption by 24 percent.

After having achieved success in North America and Asia, Archimedes plans to expand its presence to international market. It is also constantly in the process of developing more features to embed into the sensor and cloud software solution without compromising their core utilities. Besides, as IoT and 5G expansion continue, the company sees many opportunities to expand their technology beyond the data center environment and into industrial automation, agriculture, health-care facilities, civil/eco-infrastructure, and factories environmental monitoring. “We already have customers in agriculture using our technology to monitor and control conditions in their growing/storage environments,” concludes Yuventi.

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Wenli Yu, CEO, Tom Tan, CTO, James Miller, VP Sales and Jumie Yuventi, BDM

Archimedes Controls Corp. is a data center environmental security monitoring, controls and assets management solution provider

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