Archinnova: Ushering the DevOps Wave in the Middle East

Diyaa Zebian, Executive Partner
Owing to the democratization of technology, the Middle East region situated at the crossroads of East and West is radically moving from a digital economy to a hyper-digital one. Newer tech-startups have now taken charge to introduce high-tech solutions and services that can help companies in the region to become agile and nimble. This is the story of a three-year-old Dubai-based firm. “We founded Archinnova with a mission to ‘DevOpsify’ the Middle East market. We saw DevOps as the right catalyst to drive automation in overseeing all steps of the software development life cycle (SDLC) management process,” says Diyaa Zebian, Executive Partner at Archinnova. “The trigger was the agile concept as it is heavily aligned with our local culture in terms of lack of granular, long-term planning, and a dynamic change management market,” he adds.

To diversify the DevOps market in the Middle East, Archinnova was able to build via partnerships what bluechip companies are building via acquisitions. The firm’s DevOps solution provides customers with comprehensive end-to-end support throughout SDLC processes, covering consultancy, training, tooling, system integration, and support. “With our DevOps 360 solution, companies get a unified approach to application delivery encompassing the disparate set of processes in SDLC, which enables them to complete software development quickly and efficiently.” The offering aids customers in continuous planning, testing, integration, deployment, and collaboration. With these five essentials, they can move toward lean and agile software development and can automate software delivery with minimal human intervention.

Since its genesis, the company’s cross-functional team has addressed the needs of various industries such as financial services, telecommunication, transportation, energy, and the public sector. The firm always deems its customers as trusted partners, which Zebian stresses, helps both parties to achieve business objectives symbiotically. “As DevOps is a philosophy rather than a defined framework, there is no one-size-fits-all solution that can bring about cultural change or re-engineer a company’s structure.”

With our DevOps 360 solution, companies get a unified approach to application delivery encompassing the disparate set of processes in SDLC which enables them to complete software development quickly and efficiently

Hence, the firm runs maturity assessment workshops to put customers on the right track and drive them toward their business goals.

Zebian mentions that the firm takes inspiration from beehives— discipline, science, efficiency, family, and unified team efforts give a cumulative output, which is “honey.” “Perfection and innovation is our DNA, and that translates into what Archinnova stands for—Architecture Innovation.” The three hexagons in the company logo represent the people, process, and technology involved in DevOps, and the six sides of each hexagon represent the undergirding elements (plan, code, build, test, deploy, and operate) of SDLC.

Since its inception, the firm has continually supplemented its product portfolio and is currently expanding to new territories to cover the MENA region. Currently, Archinnova is focusing on bolstering the “security aspects of the game” (DevSecOps) by adding more security product to its armory. “Going further, we will launch a full-fledged DevOps training center offering public as well as on-site courses, covering theoretical and practical experience using specially designed curricula. We are keen to play an integral role in the digital transformation wave in the Middle East region,” concludes Zebian.


Dubai, UAE

Diyaa Zebian, Executive Partner

Archinnova is a three-year-old startup that aims to DevOpsify the Middle East market