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Pritam Dutta, Principal
When one of New York’s finest hospitals was beginning to face operational challenges with its payroll system, they knew they were on the brink of making an important decision, and they had to do it quickly. The healthcare institution’s highly customized internal payroll solution had limitations when they were performing tax reconciliation to comply with mandatory federal requirements. This was when they approached ArcLight Consulting to assist them with the implementation of Oracle HCM cloud. But beyond their implementation assistance, it was ArcLight’s state-of-the-art consulting services that enabled them to orchestrate the transition seamlessly, right from comparing the system with the actual government-mandated calculations and demonstrating the success of the new Oracle HCM cloud solution to automate the taxation processing. “We always make the right decision for our customers,” adds Pritam Dutta, Principal of ArcLight Consulting, stating the mission statement that drives the firm toward excellence. Founded by industry veterans with more than 20 years of experience in the consulting landscape, the company specializes in the Oracle HCM application suite and believes in understanding the needs of their clients first and then suggesting the solution that will fit their purpose and deliver an increased ROI.

Customer relationships are often driven by money metrics and delivered via profitability and revenue which clouds the guidance that an organization can perhaps endow to the customers. Breaking this status quo, ArcLight’s consulting services are driven by decisions that will not necessarily be the most financially profitable one, but the most successful one for their clients. This principle enables the company to determine the most appropriate path to success, and eliminate any additional factors that might influence the decision. The firm emphasizes heavily on the pre-sale activities wherein ArcLight educates the clients on the options they have and based on the discussion, designs the best possible solution for them. “We ensure that our customers get what they really need and what’s going to work best for their business,” says Dutta.

We always make the right decision for our customers

“Our approach makes all the difference between a successful implementation and deployment of software versus a long, drawn-out implementation.”

The firm caters three services primarily: advisory, deployment, and continuation services. Through their advisory services, ArcLight educates its customers on global design, business process re-design, acquisition, and training services. The firm ensures that its customers have all of the necessary information to make the most informed decision possible. Once a customer has figured out the roadmap, the company makes them understand the impact and longevity of the project, by walking them through all of the phases of testing, change management, and validation of new software. Post the demonstration, the deployment is made live in the production environment.

ArcLight’s deployment services encompass the full Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle E-Business Suite and include collaboration, usability, and continuous innovation. Further, they extend their support functions through their continuation services and provide monthly consulting on the industry best practices to their clients, making it a different level of consulting and support altogether.

Contributing to ArcLight’s continuing success are the company’s management and employees who have high levels of proficiency in various areas of expertise; this resonates in their ability to cater to every unique client requirement. Dedicated to ensuring the success of Oracle HCM customers, ArcLight plans on expanding its advisory services to include change management, business process designing, and management consulting, in the near future. The firm also aims to expand their support services such that they can stand by what they preach: “Always make the right decision for the customer!”

ArcLight Consulting

Woburn, MA

Pritam Dutta, Principal

ArcLight Consulting is dedicated to ensuring that Oracle HCM customers are successful with their investment

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