ArcMail Technology: Keeping Email Vulnerability at Bay

Rory Welch, CEO In early 2015, the insurance giant Anthem was hit by a very sophisticated data breach, damaging 80 million insurance records. Hackers gained unauthorized access to Anthem’s IT system and obtained personally identifiable information from the firm’s business lines. By using fraudulent emails to trick employees into revealing their network ID and password, hackers were able to get long-term access to the firm’s system. With the velocity of new technologies being deployed in enterprises and the exponential growth in electronic data, attempted data breaches have become the norm, and attackers are continually finding new and improved ways to infiltrate networks and obtain confidential information.

According to a recent report released by the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), the number of U.S. data breaches tracked in 2015 was 781, many of which could be directly traced back to poor email security practices. “Far too many businesses do not consider email security as an imperative issue until it suddenly puts the reputation of the business at stake,” states Rory Welch, CEO, ArcMail. The reality is, however, enterprises are the targets of constant blended email and web threats designed to access their networks, requiring a proactively aggressive approach to improving email security ArcMail provides easy-to-use, simple, secure, and cost-effective enterprise information and email archiving solutions that businesses can leverage to boost their email server performance and decrease the need for a large mail store while also providing compliance management, e-discovery, and secure and enhanced storage. Founded in 2005, the Shreveport, LA-based company has been at the forefront of the enterprise security arena from its inception, providing customers peace of mind across a variety of public and private sectors and regulatory environments.

Archiving has become mainstream in today’s corporate environment, driven by security concerns, information and governance needs, data recovery requirements, and cost optimization considerations. A pioneer in secure email archiving, ArcMail has long recognized and anticipated the benefits and advantages of user-friendly enterprise information and email archiving solutions. “We are committed to simplifying our customer’s archiving initiatives and all of our products are designed to be easily installed, deployed and maintained,” affirms Welch. ArcMail’s archiving solutions are built to meet any electronic data retention compliance requirement in real-time, while ensuring the confidentiality of the archived data by preventing unauthorized access or tampering. In addition, ArcMail’s granular retention policy settings allow administrators to easily implement any internal policy or rule. With ArcMail’s superior full-text indexing and search technology, users can readily perform simple or highly detailed Boolean searches using full text key words or phrases. “Our solutions include an audit log that details every search performed, while also identifying users performing the search,” says Welch.

We are committed to simplifying our customer’s archiving initiatives and all of our products are designed to be easily installed, deployed and maintained

Ensuring Effective and Continued Security

Unlike traditional security and compliance products that are designed to protect information residing on the corporate network alone, ArcMail provides secure electronic information governance solutions that can be deployed in a variety of ways—on-premise appliances, virtual appliances, fully-hosted environments, or cloud/local hybrid environments. “Our products are developed to fit all of your deployment strategies,” says Welch. The firm’s flagship product, ArcMail Defender—an email archiving hardware— provides the speed and storage necessary to handle the ever-increasing volume and variety of emails and other electronic data sources that today's regulatory compliance requirements demand. The product features simple setup, quick search, and little maintenance. “With Defender, business-critical data stays exactly where it should—behind a strong firewall and safe from corruption by outside sources,” says Welch. The Defender is built on a 64-bit Linux architecture and leverages Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) configurations, high performance processors, and increased memory. The Defender’s robust feature set and hardware components provide a number of valuable capabilities, including data export to multiple file formats, Active Directory integration, access via Outlook, customization via multiple retention policies, de-duplication, compression, and full-text indexing. And the enterprise’s archived data is integrated and automated under a single archiving system irrespective of the data source.

With its broadened scope, ArcMail’s Defender VM, a virtual archiving appliance, features all the functionalities of Defender while also performing within the scope of a customer’s virtualized platform. A powerful solution, ArcMail’s Defender VM integrates easily and securely with any email server and with the most popular collaboration platforms, giving customers a comprehensive, single pane glass approach to all their archiving requirements. All search data can be stored in the virtual appliance for safe, fast, and convenient access. Archived data is maintained on local storage such as the customer’s SAN or NAS. More importantly, with the Defender VM, all archived data is encrypted and can only be un-encrypted by the VM Instance, providing the ultimate protection of customers’ most important data assets.

For enterprises that want to leverage efficient storage in the cloud but are concerned about security, ArcMail also provides a hybrid solution, the ArcMail Cloud Storage Gateway (CSG), that easily integrates data from multiple sources— email platforms, Microsoft SharePoint, system files, and social media—and securely stores it on local or cloud storage locations such as Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, and OpenStack.
“Metadata and text data can be extracted and indexed from files and attachments including PDFs, PowerPoints, and other formats. Moreover, all communications within the CSG are encrypted,” says Welch.

Anticipating Market Trends and Needs

ArcMail constantly monitors and anticipates market trends through robust internal and external research. “We leverage our market intelligence and experience to deliver the next set of anticipated capabilities and customer requirements” says Welch. ArcMail packages its leading edge knowledge in solutions that are always easy to deploy, manage, and operate while delivering all dimensions of required functionality cost-effectively. The firm tends to work backward from function to form in order to build solutions that are consistently easy to deploy, manage, and affordable to operate over time. ArcMail enterprise information and email archiving solutions address the security concerns and regulatory requirements in highly regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, government, and education as well as all sectors for eDiscovery and litigation, regulatory compliance, business continuity, and storage management. The firm’s archiving solutions provide all necessary security features including data immutability, authentication, and ensure high performance with necessary backups and built-in redundancies.

"Organizations need to understand the implications of security across every touch point in the enterprise security arena"

While ArcMail strictly began as an email archiving company, the firm’s product offerings have now evolved to address numerous facets of the information g o v e r n a n c e equation. “Our ability to archive email, social media, file s y s t e m s , Google Drive directory, and SharePoint documents along with our ability to deploy according to the customer’s infrastructure strategy has made us unique in the enterprise security and information and email archiving space,” asserts Welch.

Tackling Email Risks is a Top Priority

Most organizations are already realizing that security has become increasingly important to defend against persistent and constantly-evolving threats. Managing security risks is emerging as a top priority for business and government decision makers. Simultaneously, with the use of technology becoming more prominent in all business aspects, “organizations need to understand the implications of security across every touch point in the enterprise security arena,” says Welch. Constantly on top of emerging archiving and security needs, ArcMail maintains a 24 month rolling product development roadmap in order to help enterprises remain secure while addressing ongoing regulatory, compliance, and e-discovery needs. Driven by its innovative culture and its fundamental appreciation of customer capabilities and constraints, ArcMail continues to lead milestone developments in the enterprise information and email archiving market. “ArcMail will continue to be a premier solution provider in the archiving, security, backup, and recovery arena with the ability to deploy solutions on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model,” ends Welch on a high note.


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