Arcserve: Unified Data Protection for Physical and Virtual Environments

Mike Crest, CEO
With modern enterprises showcasing great deal of reliance on data and information technology, many understand the necessity to remain vigilant about protecting data. Loss of data due to an unlikely event can mean disaster for the organization and may potentially push it to the back of the race in today’s highly competitive environment. At this juncture, having prompt backup plans to recover data can save time and money. With more than two decades of extensive experience in Disaster Recovery (DR) space, Arcserve, an Eden Prairie, MN based company is well positioned to deliver data protection solutions for virtual and physical environments. “We offer robust data backup and recovery solutions to our customers,” says Mike Crest, CEO, Arcserve. The company specializes in providing solutions such as hybrid data protection, backup and data recovery and replication solutions amongst others.

Arcserve Cloud provides secure cloud storage for business requirements or regulatory compliance needs

Arcserve’s solutions cover a large arc from backup and recovery software to hardware appliance and cloud backup. The company’s Unified Data Protection (UDP) is a comprehensive offering that enables the CIO’s office to protect virtual and physical environments effortlessly. UDP backup and recovery software designs and manages the entire data projection strategy with a unified management console. It also scales up data backup coverage as the organization’s needs grow. Along with UDP software, Arcserve provides a hardware plus software backup and recovery appliance, which has the expanded capacity to protect up to 90 TBs of source data. It enables the customers to cut data protection and IT staffing costs, while simplifying product licensing process.
“Hardware plus software appliance is remarkably easy to use and it can be deployed in fifteen minutes in any organization,” describes Crest. This tool also eliminates the need for multiple point solutions and complicated infrastructure, while increasing operational agility and efficiency.

In an effort to help organizations reduce cost and complexity related to purchasing and managing multiple cloud solutions, Arcserve delivers a single, cost-effective cloud backup, data archiving and disaster recovery solution—Arcserve Cloud. This solution not only backs data from cloud, but also helps in retaining long-term data with its virtual appliance cloud storage. “Arcserve Cloud provides secure cloud storage for business requirements or regulatory compliance needs,” says Crest.

“Customers can consider the Arcserve Cloud as their data security blanket.” This cloud solution protects data with an end-to-end encryption that involves, a secure SSL connection, storage with 256-bit AES encryption, and secure SSAE16-certified data centers. Along with delivering unmatched DR products, Arcserve also offers a broad array of services that include virtual service protection, remote office protection, server migration, and Data de-duplication.

For many years, Arcserve has been assisting customers across verticals to secure their databases and other valuable assets. One of Arcserve’s customers, Spiceworks Inc, a computer software provider, wanted to make a shift towards virtualization.

The customer approached Arcserve looking for a solution that can help them recover their data and additionally migrate. Arcserve provided Spiceworks with backup software along with tech support. The standard backup software helped the customer to save time with its ease-of-use and swift back up features.

Having developed a well-established portfolio in the DR landscape, Arcserve now plans to introduce advanced backup software solutions, while remaining in sync with the technology trends. “We have been introducing newer and advanced solutions and will continue doing so into the future as well,” concludes Crest.


Eden Prairie, MN

Mike Crest, CEO

Provider of next generation data protection solution for virtual and physical environments.