ARG: Assists Firms to Find the Right Service Provider

Greg Praske, CEO
Globalization has paved the way for massive changes throughout the technology world. It has led to the emergence of an abundance of firms across various verticals, including Unified Communications. According to Greg Praske, CEO of ARG, “The biggest challenges for organizations exploring Unified Communications is sorting through all the clutter. There are more than 1,000 companies marketing UC. It's a relatively new service and so most people working on their company's UC strategy have little experience to draw on to sort through all the marketing hype.” ARG, with its many years of experience, helps firms to find the right provider to meet the specific and unique requirements of the consumers. “We've managed hundreds of installations across 14 different providers giving a unique insight into the ways to achieve a successful implementation within each provider's process and system,” says Praske.

As a technology consulting firm in the communications domain, ARG assists organizations with developing communication strategies and implementing targeted solutions. ARG provides services and solutions in mobility management, service optimization, and mobile security. “Through our optimization service we have brought down the bills of our customers by reviewing their mobility environment. We consistently reduced costs by 20 to 35 percent and in some cases have successfully lowered these costs by as much as 80 percent,” states Praske.

But mobility is only a fraction of what ARG does. The firm has scaled new heights as an independent broker for network services for over 75 different providers. Through established alliances ARG has access to another 250 specialty, regional, and global providers. “These partnerships facilitate customized solutions designed specifically for our clients’ unique requirements,” says Praske. By leveraging new By leveraging new technologies, ARG can develop unique, customized strategies for complete technology solutions.
ARG worked with a major university who wanted to create an always-on voice network. “We were able to create an environment using multiple service providers. We created a completely redundant SIP network, including g e o – diverse routing,” says Praske. The design has been real-world tested several times through service provider disruptions and has proved effective in all circumstances. “Not only did we achieve full redundancy, but we saved the university more than 50 percent in the process and we placed them at the forefront of truly unified communications,” states Praske.

Our mission is to be the most respected advisor in the voice and data market. Our team is empowered to make a difference based on honoring a key set of values

Commenting on the journey of ARG, Praske says “My confidence comes from an amazing team that we've been able to put together. For the past 24 years we have consistently reinvested our profits back into building and developing our team.”

Moving forward, ARG looks to continue their service in the present market and meet the needs of the customers in an exemplary manner. “Today's communications are demanding but also so accessible. A wide array of opportunities is available in the telecommunication market, through which we would like to embrace our growth in the upcoming years. At the same time we would like to be a diligent and re-sourceful consultant to our clients to help them make those decisions and get the services implemented and working,” concludes Praske.


McLean, VA

Greg Praske, CEO

A boutique technology consulting firm representing and brokering services for a large number of UC providers and other technology companies nationwide.