Argentis Consulting: Uniting World Fashion with SAP Business One Solution

CIO VendorLucas Ritondale, Product Manager & Co-Founder
Within the last ten years, globalization has become a huge part of the fashion industry that includes apparel, textile and footwear. Retailers have taken note of global consumers consumption patterns, culture, found and surveyed what was selling where, and expanded business in top selling areas. “When a product is produced in one country and consumed in another, we have cross-cultural consumption. For our global retailers to achieve success across the globe, they must adopt the cultures branding strategies of their target market. Globalization from my point of view is what is driving companies to look at a global and unified solution like SAP Business One which is helping in this adoption,” says Lucas Ritondale, Product Manager and Co-founder, Argentis Consulting.

Argentis Consulting is dedicated to the development, distribution, and support of recognized certified solutions for SAP Business One. As an SAP Software Service Provider Partner with Gold Status, they aim to achieve successful projects in partnership with SAP Resellers. Argentis expertise and skills in the business software solutions market, combined with the delivery of best in class global software, offers its channel partners a safe, professional and partner friendly company.

“We provide PDM, PLM and ERP capabilities to small and midsize fashion companies. On the other hand, “Faster Fashion concept” is a reality. Companies now develop more styles and drops each year. They need one solution to carry on their tasks,” adds Ritondale. Argentis is also providing ecommerce, mobility, web access fully integrated in a single platform: SAP Business One for omni channels and channel integration that are a must for a successful brand.

The SAP Business One application offers an affordable way to manage the entire business and it is designed specifically for small and midsize businesses. More companies are choosing the on-demand deployment, as there are more hosting options at lower prices, and SAP Business One helps. “Usually small companies with limited IT resources will prefer to run the solution on cloud / on demand. If the project has a tight timeframe and budget the cloud is preferred,” says Ritondale.

We provide PDM, PLM and ERP capabilities to small and midsize fashion companies

SAP remains fully committed to the Hana in-memory computing platform, as well as its push into SaaS (software as a service). As part of the SAP channel e c o s y s t em, Argentis is fully committed with that cloud strategy. The company already has customers running on cloud and accessing information through mobile devices.

With the SAP Business One application and the Apparel and Footwear solution from Argentis, Jacobo D. Kattan is able to better manage operations and inventory for Van Heusen. The main problem was managing 2,500 product variations across seasons and collections, streamlining processes and creating functional workflow systems, consolidating data in one system that provides real-time access. After implementing automated processes are easing administrative workload, and centralized data and real-time analytics are helping, the sales team better plan for consumer demand. Moreover, as the brand grows, the system grows with it, ensuring that Van Heusen can go from small to extra large in financial comfort without feeling stretched.

“We are launching the AFS portal using HTML5, this will let our customers run from different devices critical information from SAP Business One. We continuously evaluate and recruit SAP collaborates from all around the world,” says Ritondale. Argentis is planning to continue to grow the channel partner network and keep achieving unsurpassed results. “As one can see globalization does take an effect on the fashion industry. Understanding the cultural impact and consumption patterns of different countries is important for global retailers to be successful with a good solution. When these aspects are taken into consideration, global consumers are active and retailers make money,” concludes Ritondale.

Argentis Consulting

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Lucas Ritondale, Product Manager & Co-Founder

The Company develops, distributes and supports apparel and footwear solutions for SAP Business One.