ARGO: Creating Solutions For Mission-Critical Applications

Max Martin, CEO
Founded in 1980, ARGO is a national leader in analytics-driven solutions that enable organizations to improve fraud detection and prevention, workforce staffing, patient identity, fees and pricing, credit approval decisions, and cash inventory. ARGO is based in Richardson, Texas, and has decades of experience implementing mission-critical solutions that process more than 54 million transactions daily.

Analytics solutions from ARGO transform business processes for financial service providers and healthcare organizations using proven business models and software innovation informed by rich analytics, real customer challenges, and breakthrough technology. Analytics-driven software solutions are key differentiators for ARGO in the marketplace, with capabilities that encompass prediction/forecasting, optimization, search, trend analysis, and pattern recognition.

The eighth largest Integrated Healthcare Delivery Network in the U.S. selected ARGO to deliver its Entity Match and Resolution Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) Solution to accurately manage patient information and registration for more than 40 hospitals, clinics, and facilities - and more than 5 million patient records. A high level of clean and accurate records, sharing data across the organization, and the creation of records and identifiers for "Unique Patients" are all critical to a new patient portal this client is launching to meet and exceed meaningful use criteria.
The ARGO EMPI will ensure that patients, clinicians, and staff have access to consistent and accurate data throughout the organization.

ARGO Chairman and CEO Max Martin keeps the company focused on results and growth. "Our customers' performance drives our success. With research and development investments, we continuously improve our products and find innovative ways to leapfrog legacy solutions that address key business challenges," says Martin.

Martin continues to enhance the Analytical Sciences Group within ARGO - hiring staff with advanced degrees, including five doctorates and nine master's degrees in math and related fields. Many of these talented professionals are involved in external, ongoing, and university-based research on analytics.

Looking ahead, ARGO will focus on innovations and solutions that encompass analytics, patient matching, fraud, and payments processing. Using data from across an organization's EMPI, ARGO is partnering with HBI Solutions to apply analytics to identify and report on patients at high risk for readmission. ARGO’s capabilities in predictive analytics are also establishing a mathematical foundation for Population Management to determine which patients are at the greatest risk for hospitalization.


Richardson, TX

Max Martin, CEO

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