Ariba Integrating Procure-to-Pay solution in compliance with ERP

Robert Calderoni, CEO
With the emerging trends in the procurement landscape, organizations are showcasing great deal of reliance on procurement software solutions to cut cost and increase efficiency. Though this technology offers a broad set of capabilities, many enterprises still continue to use outdated purchasing systems and struggle to streamline their entire procurement process. In order to upgrade their old systems, the organizations today, are on a constant look out for viable partners to fulfil their business requirements. Ariba, an SAP company, based in Sunnyvale, CA, offers an adaptable software solution that supports the end-to-end procurement process by collaborating with both buyers and suppliers through a single platform. "We integrate the right solution in compliance with the customers' ERP systems and allow them to experience more speed, performance, reach, and usability," says Robert Calderoni, CEO, Ariba. "We enable our customers to integrate with more than 1.7 million trading partner community, thereby empowering them to gain global visibility compliance, and control."

Ariba has garnered strong acclamation for delivering easily adaptable solutions. The company’s cloud-enabled Procure-to-Pay (P2P) solution integrates with the customers’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and enhances the whole process from requisition to reconciliation. “Our P2P solution is user-friendly with streamlined catalog maintenance and a configurable interface,” says Calderoni. “It delivers quick ROI, because built-in approval flows ensure both catalog and contract compliance while improving the savings.” Additionally, the customers get better visibility and more control over their complete purchasing processes. Ariba also helps the customers to provide their purchasing team a consumer-like shopping by assisting them to augment their outdated system through Ariba Procurement Content. Alongside offering procurement solutions, Ariba supports customers to speed up processing by efficiently managing accounts payables while reducing the manual, error-prone processing of paper invoices and checks.
“With payables management solutions from Ariba, customers can exchange their accounting documents quickly and electronically, and seamlessly collaborate with their suppliers over the Ariba network,” adds Calderoni. The company’s cloud driven collaborative payables management solutions also enable the customers to simplify their procure-to-pay cycle by implementing automated workflows. The customers can also reduce invoicing processing costs by 70 percent.

Ariba’s clientele includes some of the leading corporate giants such as Deutsche Bank, SunTrust, ING US, MetLife, and OneOK. The firm’s customers have demonstrated significant success in managing purchase orders globally by implementing the company’s complete P2P solution. In an implementation highlight, one of Ariba’s customers manifested commendable results in the procurement process by implementing P2P solution. Primarily, the organization was looking to build a user interface for requisitioning goods and services that would be simple and increase the adoption rate. At the same time, the customer was attempting to create a global supplier network to reduce their IT burden while also increasing the supplier collaboration. For this the customer needed a solution that would not only support their suppliers in the creation of catalogues, purchase orders, and invoice transmission but also enable the approval of invoices over offline e-mail. Ariba assisted them to get access to the world’s largest supplier community through a single platform and also provided strong solutions such as procurement, contracts, spend analytics, and sourcing solutions resolution. In addition, they also laid down the framework of a single commerce eXtensible Markup Language interface that enabled them to manage all their purchase orders as well as invoices globally.

With a plethora of similar success stories, Ariba is now planning to enable the customers to easily access data by leveraging the SAP risk database to allow them to segment suppliers based on a risk scorecard.


Sunnyvale, CA

Robert Calderoni, CEO

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