Aricent: Engineering Tomorrow

Specialized in catalyzing engineering advancements for the last 25 years, Aricent has built software for several largest satellite networks globally; has pioneered the implementation of in-flight Wi-Fi broadband service in an airplane; and built world’s first small cell “Femtocell” mobile phone base station based on WiMax. Behind these hardware and software innovation is Aricent’s strong army of more than 10 thousand designers and engineers to enable businesses anticipate the market needs in today’s connected, digital world and disrupt with technology-driven products and services. “We help the world's leading companies solve their most important business and technology innovation challenges, from the customer to the chip,” says Frank Kern, CEO, Aricent.

The key approach of Aricent’s services delivery revolves around frog design—a team of strategists, researchers, designers, and technologists who collaborate with clients across industries to identify business opportunities, build product, and new end-user experiences. Through research, ideation, market strategy, technology planning and costing, Aricent provides companies the roadmap for expanding their portfolio and tapping new business opportunities in today’s world driven by IoT, cloud, wireless, and Big Data.

When it comes to hardware innovation, IoT adoption is showing no signs of recess. There is an increased demand for better semiconductor devices in the areas of power consumption, cost, rich multimedia, sensing, and connectivity. With a history of embedded computing expertise in the form of VLSI services, embedded software and hardware platforms, validation, verification, and system integration, Aricent has made these new requirements achievable. It is this expertise that made a leading semiconductor company, who was striving to develop a smart watch wearable device, rely on Aricent as a credible partner to take the end-to-end responsibility of building the watch. Aricent’s expertise in hardware and software design and engineering and connectivity expertise helped the client build the smart watch at reduced cost and in time.

Focusing on the connected world scenarios, Aricent has introduced services for the Machine Learning environments: the company supports self-optimizing network that tune capacity and performance for telecommunication networks and predictive asset maintenance that optimize the performance of industrial equipment.

Buttressing clients’ new technology-driven product initiatives, Aricent offers Connected Devices and Services suite that integrates design, app development, middleware, multimedia, connectivity, and system integration.

We help the world's leading companies solve their most important business and technology innovation challenges, from the customer to the chip

To further accelerate product development, Aricent designs and develops software frameworks with a defined SLA and comprehensive support. More than a hundred carrier network are using Aricent’s licensable software frameworks in over 500 million devices globally.

As embedded computing gets more intelligent, there is a heightened demand for edge computing applications to be more productive to drive decision-making. Based on the needs of individual customers, Aricent builds customized applications running on edge devices that reduce data flow through costly WAN links and driving real-time decision capabilities. The company supports DevOps to attain automated workflows for continuous integration and deployment in the cloud while enabling faster time to market.

To verify the efficacy of its products before release, Aricient’s range of testing services for telecom, industrial automation, semiconductor, automotive, and consumer electronics ensure the products are ready for deployment with zero hidden defects. The company’s cloud-based remote testing platform simplifies mobile applications testing on multiple platforms and devices remotely. To secure the new age infrastructure and networks, Aricent implements key and certificate management, network intrusion detection, and attribute-based access control that safeguards resources from external threats while keeping insider attacks at bay.

As a company committed to improve lives through a connected world, the global design and engineering company, is geared to help its clients build smart, engineered solutions for tomorrow. With relentless innovation and strong support services, Aricent looks forward to build hardware and software products that have unmatched engineering excellence.


Redwood City, CA

Frank Kern, CEO

A product engineering service firm that specializes in creating next generation hardware, software, and technology services, backed by strong support