Arise Virtual Solutions: The Right DNA to Tailor Innovative Travel Plans

John A. Meyer, CEO
John A. Meyer, CEO of Arise Virtual Solutions is an avid traveler and a globe trot, and his 9 million accumulated airline miles speaks volumes about his travel experiences. “As it relates to Arise, I’ve taken my personal knowledge, my experiences travelling, and the market’s best practices and tailored a travel and hospitality solution that is not only cutting edge but ensures that none of our client’s customers are ever subjected to a subpar experience,” explains Mayer.

Headquartered in Miramar, FL, Arise is a business process outsourcing company that blends crowd-sourcing innovation, virtual technology and operational efficiencies to deliver better results. Arise’s virtual platform not only reduces operational costs for clients but also increases operational efficiencies. The virtual business environment allows the company to support secure and private interactions within the enterprise, while integrating the value propositions of FlexService, Quality and Security into the services they provide. The company has expertise in the fields of loyalty programs, reservations and ticketing, roadside assistance and timeshare management.

Arise provides a unique ‘work-at-home’ business model, where the company’s networks of small businesses provide agents who are dispersed all over Canada and Europe. The agents comprise set of trained workers with a strong set of entrepreneurial skills. The company operates under an independent contractor model, which is significantly different than a standard employee-based bricks and mortar call center company. This puts the Arise model heads and shoulders above competition. Through the proprietary technology, in-depth testing and background checks, the company aligns values with those of the clients and network of service providers for an unparalleled customer experience.

Arise has cracked the code for a stress free travel by delivering a complete travel experience with its numerous services. The foremost market pain point that the company addresses includes a well-equipped framework for unexpected events such as weather changes, delays due to equipment failure and in some cases, union strikes.

The ability to support a structured learning environment allows us to quickly bring our small business owner/agents up to speed on various programs

For instance, in the case of over nine sailings from a client, Carnival Cruise Lines was impacted by Hurricane Sandy which affected roughly 20,000 passengers due to last minute cancellations, and shorted cruise itineraries. After closely monitoring the impact with Carnival, the company issued an urgent service request to small business owners to provide dedicated support in the time of crisis.

The company’s clientele represent some of the largest online retailers from sectors of E-commerce, Telecom companies, Cable, Retailers and Cruise Line industries. In an interesting case study, an Arise client in the travel and hospitality industry required outbound registration calls to be included in an already complicated customer sales interaction. To solve this challenge, the company used its closed–loop quality process to ensure it was not only improving Gross Conversion Rate over internal benchmarks but also improving the Net Conversion, which included follow up registrations. As a result, the company converted 3 percent above the client’s internal sales team consistently and generated 26.55 percent more annual revenue.

Going forward, apart from crowd sourcing, the company will continue to work on on-shoring trend with virtual business process outsourcing services. Arise will persistently support the clients in keeping their valuable assets and customer information secure. “We will continue to map human capital to meet customer demand,” concludes Mayer.

Arise Virtual Solutions

Miramer, FL

John A. Meyer, CEO

A business processing outsourcing company that blends crowd-sourcing innovation, virtual technology and operational efficiencies to deliver better results