Armada: A 360-Degree Approach To Security

Tom Foos, Co-Founder
An experienced corporate security executive and retired Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Marine Corps Reserve, ARMADA president Tom Foos knows the quintessence of security and preparedness. Foos says, “although it’s likely oversimplifying it, ‘security’ is protection and mitigation (technologies, policies, producers, equipment), whereas ‘preparedness’ is prevention and response (plans, training, exercises, after action reports and improvement plans).” ARMADA’s 360-degree approach includes cost-effective cyber and physical security measures coupled with site-specific preparedness that have minimal impact on the organization’s daily operations. The goal of this 360-degree approach is protection of the client’s people, infrastructure, information, and reputation.

One of the most troubling trends organizations struggle with today is the insider threat. “A trusted person within the organization turns into a bad actor,” he says. Grievances and greed usually motivate bad actors to harm an organization’s critical data, assets, or employees. From Foos’ perspective, the good news is that insiders often exhibit certain behaviors or warning signs before they carry out malicious acts. Cultivating a CIO’s ability to recognize these indicators, assess them and respond proactively means the organization can prevent many insider incidents. “In almost every case where someone has executed some destructive action against an organization, there were indicators that, if acted upon appropriately, could have prevented the incident.”

Tom and his business partner Jeff Podracky founded ARMADA in 2005 and leveraged their individual experiences gained in the military and corporate security departments. Since then, ARMADA has provided onsite consulting services to clients including the US military, Department of Justice, Department of State, K-12 schools, higher education, stadiums/convention centers, healthcare systems, places of worship, and numerous fortune 100 companies. “We are constantly learning, and improving upon our mitigation methodologies. We provide our clients these proven security and preparedness methodologies, ultimately saving our clients time and money and allowing them to remain focused on their core business,” says Foos.

Infusing ‘Security and Preparedness’ into Organizations

“Employees are the best security solution an organization has,” Foos says. Organizations simply need to equip their employees with the right policies, procedures, and training. By focusing on the employees, ARMADA assists clients inculcate a culture of preparedness and security. Foos believes clients may not have control over all circumstances; however, organizations can implement measures to prepare for and respond to all likely threats and adapt existing plans to those one-off incidents. Some of the recent events are motivating organizations to really think through physical security protective measures and preparedness.
Natural disasters such hurricanes and floods, as well as wildfires and shocking violent events such as those that took place in Texas and Las Vegas, each point to the need for actionable, layered improvements to security and preparedness.

Simplifying the task for CIOs, the company’s experts have built defenses against several data and physical security breaches. “If access to an IT system is significantly protected via firewalls, encryption, etc., yet the organization does not have basic physical security measures in place, bad actors will likely attempt to gain physical access to information systems through social engineering.” Security is a balance of tight enough cyber and physical security controls to delay or deny the bad actors, but also loose enough to allow authorized users timely access to the systems and information. Working with CIOs and Chief Security Officers (CSOs), ARMADA applies proven best practice approaches, but creates customized solutions for each organization. “Although perpetrators can be very sophisticated, our approach remains straight forward. Our 360-degree approach combines physical barriers, technologies, policies, procedures, and training. This ensure employers and their employees build a culture, or daily habits of security and preparedness,” says Foos.

We bring security and preparedness solutions to organizations that respect the bottom line and operational efficiencies

Cost-Conscious Services

ARMADA’s solutions provide effective programs that respect the bottom line and work in concert with their client’s operations. Employing a diverse team of experts with corporate, military, and public safety backgrounds, ARMADA continues to provide a service-driven architecture. “We don’t back up the ARMADA truck, drop off a packaged plan and leave. Our job is to work synergistically to help our clients navigate to the appropriate security and preparedness solution. For our clients to truly be successful, the stakeholders must be a part of the planning and mitigation process. We build long-term relationship that help our clients remain aware of trending threats and mitigation options.” Foos added. The company is currently managing over 33 million dollars in contracts and supports clients in all 50 states and 25 countries. The company looks to appropriately expand upon the services it currently offers which includes specialized security services such as TSCM, threat management, emergency preparedness, physical security engineering, and personal security to both government agencies and corporate partners. “We maintain a lean organization and invest in our people. We work hard to enhance our operations with the focus on providing the most professional and cost-effective solutions to our clients,” concludes Foos.



Tom Foos, Co-Founder and Jeff Podracky, Co-Founder

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