ARMS: Building a Bridge to Ensure Smoother Work Flow

Eric Haas, President and CEO
CIOs are encountering a broad base of product portfolios that they have to provide resources to support. If a company has deployed an ERP, it may find that many of the modules they purchase are not robust enough for the business needs. The companies are challenged with collaboration and data analytics within their information silos. ARMS Inc., from De Pere, WI is able to help these companies by building a bridge with third party business process solutions that can leverage the data being provided by their ERP. It helps produce workflows that can ultimately help the companies reduce human capital costs and provide a sustainable model of running their business more efficiently. These solutions can be premise-based, cloud-based, or involve processing of the information utilizing BPO.

ARMS is a vertically integrated information management company. The firm provides solutions in the areas of hard copy records storage and management, secure media vaulting and rotation, and end of lifecycle National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certified shredding. “We are able to provide the client with many options from remote mailroom processing that would enter into a workflow that we consult and we build the exchange metadata with the clients systems,” says Eric Haas, President and CEO.

The organization is based upon its people and their dedication to service the customers. and offer services correctly the first time. “Our consultative approach provides clients the ability to share their goals and objectives while identifying their challenges so we can produce the correct solution that will help them meet their information management strategies for the future,” says Haas. ARMS makes a commitment to service after the sale to help foster a winning partnership.

This is reflected in one of their success stories, where they helped a healthcare client that addressed physical records management solution that addressed: Compliance, Control, Back File Conversion and Day Forward Solution that provides a seamless workflow into their EMR Application. The client had multiple off-site storage facilities that were consolidated into ARMS’ Record Center. “The client would request records as needed and we facilitate the retrieval, conversion and electronic delivery which would then allow the client to route the documents in their custom built workflow, based upon their business requirements and time sensitivity,” says Haas.
ARMS endeavors to be at the front line of advances that will eventually help to resolve customer’s issues. The company continues to invest in software, hardware, and facilities to help process and protect client’s information. As a technological firm with a team focus on consistently evaluating new technologies that can help clients, they give physical support, software solutions, and custom built workflows, to name a few. Moreover, ARMS is committed to service after the sale to help foster a winning partnership.

In order to stay ahead of the contenders and follow smooth work process business, ARMS takes a couple of measures to show more enterprising nature. The company perform constant evaluations, certification training and education for the ARMS staff to ensure that they are a knowledgeable professional organization providing the best services for their clients. ARMS demonstrates commitment to customers in order to obtain industry standard certifications so that all clients’ compliance and audit requirements are being met.

We provide our clients with many options from remote mailroom processing which include invoices, claims, job files, finance documents that would enter into a workflow and build exchange metadata

Recently, ARMS has completed a 25,000sqft expansion facility in order to serve the customers more vigorously around the country. “We have a capital budget that is addressing internal and external needs of ourselves and our clients both on a technological and physical premise side. Our investment in web based client facing solutions, positions ARMS to support clients in a mobile on-demand environment to meet the needs of today’s fast paced businesses,” concludes Haas.


De Pere, WI

Eric Haas, President and CEO

A full service information management company with a portfolio of business services.