Arravo: Riding the Wave of Change

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Ayo Adegboye, CEO
Known for its lush green forests and landscapes, Africa has drawn tourists to visit and immerse themselves in a vivid world of flora and fauna for years. Today, a new drive is exciting people, as local businesses aspiring to operate in diverse global markets have begun to pursue digitization experts and OEM system integrators.

Arravo is one such company to lift the weight of enterprise IT-infrastructure transformation initiatives for Nigeria and its surrounding regions. Specializing in Dell EMC IT architecture implementations, Arravo boasts over a decade of experience in assisting its clients across Africa achieve mission-critical capabilities and milestones. Always up to date with the latest technologies from Dell, Arravo provides advisory services for full integration of new or existing IoT, cloud and virtualization platforms.

“In technology, change is constant and sometimes these changes happen rapidly. We are aware of this and adapt dynamically, regardless of the socio-political environment and thereby avoid the associated risks.” says Ayo Adegboye, CEO of Arravo.

The continuous learning and hands-on experience allow Arravo’s team of experts seamlessly understand Dell’s newest IT portfolio and advise clients on the best methods for deploying an efficient and future-proof IT environment. A spin-off company of Business Connexion PTY (BCX), one of Africa’s largest IT enterprises, Arravo covers most regions of the second largest and most populous continent. Arravo does not compromise its values in delivering stellar IT infrastructures to its clients’ front doors. This no-nonsense attitude has earned Arravo several awards and recognitions as a systems integrator and initiator of many firsts in the African digitization and technology arena.

For over three thousand support staff at one of Africa’s largest telecom companies, Arravo’s intellect on Dell platforms is a proven boon as they connect with their consumers every day. The tele-callers engorged in a highly productive and visionary IT environment have risen to become the single largest telecom operations support center workforce that Dell and VMWare power.
A fully functional helpdesk app and call center also allow clients to contact Arravo’s experts any time they face an issue. The company communicates with its customers frequently to ensure that they utilize the hardware and software to their full potential.

A paradise for tourists, Africa is also one of the largest producers and consumers of aerated alcoholic beverages; one among these breweries approached Arravo to build an end-to-end automated green feed plant system. The system integration company delivered a solution that was predominantly run-on Dell along with some specific technological modules designed based on the client’s unique requirements.

In technology, change is constant and sometimes these changes happen rapidly. We are aware of this and adapt dynamically, regardless of the socio-political environment and thereby avoid the associated risks

With a strong foothold and a decent number of industry certified professionals with significant experience in indigenous operations, Arravo invests heavily in its people to keep clients abreast of their digitization projects.

As more technology companies enter the forte, Arravo has started an academy to train young talents interested in joining the IT sector. The company offers cybersecurity, networking, application development, business analytics, and IT infrastructure courses. Participating students are given a chance to intern at Arravo and, upon gathering the experience, are empowered to quickly pursue jobs of their aptitude. This talent boom has also helped fill the void in terms of technology companies and enterprises facing a shortage of knowledgeable IT field experts.


Lagos, Nigeria

Ayo Adegboye, CEO

An OEM system integrator specializing in Dell EMC enterprise software and hardware implementation.