Arrayworks: Low-Code for Complex Business Processes

John McDonald, VP of Sales and Marketing
Digital transformation initiatives are forcing organizations to reevaluate every aspect of how they conduct business. In the competitive business process management (BPM) landscape, organizations today are largely investing in both no and low-code platforms that enable business users and IT to collaborate on delivering user-friendly BPM applications as part of their larger digital transformation imperatives. The increasing demand for applications, the requirement to lower costs and the lack of qualified IT talent are all key drivers behind the exponential growth in demand for low-code application platforms.

Arrayworks has addressed these challenges by delivering a much more user friendly and intuitive approach to building BPM centric enterprise applications. John McDonald, VP of Sales and Marketing at Arrayworks, states, “The key to digital transformation lies in the ability to digitally represent the people, places, processes and “things” as they exist in the real world”, or the “constituent entities” as he calls them. Arrayworks provides an elegant yet simple way to build these entities, richly attribute them, and then relate them to other entities as needed. Once you have these robust digital representations, creating elegant applications becomes as easy as one two three.

Another major competitive advantage of the Arrayworks platform lies in its patented approach to process design called Success Mapping. Seeing traditional swim-lane modeling as too complex for most business users, as well as limiting in its ability to handle complex models, Arrayworks created Success Mapping, a simpler state-based drag-and-drop approach that users find both intuitive and simple to comprehend, enabling them to model and implement complex processes faster and easier than by other approaches. McDonald says, “Success Mapping democratizes the art of process design, ensuring input from stakeholders from across the entire value-chain, thereby raising the level of worker buy-in and creating a sense of personal ownership, resulting in faster times to market and dramatically higher project success rates.”

Believing that strong BPM capabilities are at the core of both digital transformation and ecosystems strategies, Arrayworks low-code architecture enables organizations to extend their digital ambitions to include all the constituents that participate within their digital business environments. Orchestrating the complex relationships between legacy systems, external partners, customers and increasingly IoT sensors, again requires proper digital representation and attribution.

Success Mapping democratizes the art of process design, ensuring input from stakeholders from across the entire value-chain

Arrayworks excels in threading together these evolving multifaceted business models.

Additional out of box platform features that Arrayworks customers benefit from include:

• Arrays - virtual work stacks that keep workers focused on the job at hand

• Auto documentation of all processes, saving money and time on the backend of projects

• Advanced multi-dimensional data visualization tool to help discover new opportunities, identify process bottlenecks and see real-time insights on operational performance

• Ubiquitous tasking for true accountability

• Knowledge assets attached to processes, fields and attributes to speed learning and ensure consistent performance

• Process histories with full audit trails

Designed to leverage business user’s in-depth domain knowledge as well as support IT in delivering upon the growing demand for applications, Arrayworks customers benefit from a flexible architecture that allows them to continually innovate, build, modify, relate and deploy new entity and process models quickly and efficiently without the traditional delays and costs that tend to bog down and derail most projects.

In up-coming enhancements Arrayworks will integrate their Success Mapping tool with AI to drive predictive and prescriptive capabilities to optimize process performance across every facet of the enterprise.


Mansfield, MA

John McDonald, VP of Sales and Marketing

Provides a state-of-the-art low-code application platform that simplifies even the most complex business systems and process models. The platform can be hosted in the cloud or on premise depending on customers preferences