Art2Wave: Weaving Artificial Intelligence to Real-time Networks

Bernard Herscovici, CEO & Founder
Hardware is becoming a commod¬ity; value is shifting to software-defined networks; applications are moving to the cloud to benefit from agility and rapid services deployment. How have these trends affected traditional Wi-Fi networking? “The truth is, not much until now,” explains Bernard Herscovici, CEO and Founder, Art2Wave. “We have found that businesses are willing to invest in growth and network technology if they can see positive business outcomes. They expect increased results from their network investments. Now, speeds and feeds are table stakes. Diagnostic tools are table stakes. But, the key to increasing performance with¬out getting bogged down in the intricate complexities of the day-to-day network operations lies in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to self-manage the Wi-Fi network, better than any human.” That was the core idea used to build Art2Wave, plus the principles of less expensive and user-friendly operating networks. Transforming enterprise Wi-Fi by using AI and machine learning to optimize enterprise networks in real-time, Art2Wave has developed a unique architecture that leverages big data, cloud computing, AI and machine learning to deliver Networking-as-a-Service solution. The company helps businesses achieve their objectives by solving the customer’s most pressing pain points related to Wi-Fi and networking.

“We offer an end-to-end Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) as a service that takes the complexity out of day-to-day management, which includes hardware, software, AI-based proactive optimization and 24/7 monitoring by our own Network Operation Center (NOC),” explains Herscovici. Driving the need for massive scale improvements across analytics and learning, on-boarding management, troubleshooting and issue resolutions, Art2Wave uses patent pending AI technology to massively drive down the cost of network operations and management. “The AI system automatically resolves over 90 percent of all the issues found. But, we also provide a Network Operation Center with our own Radio Frequency (RF) experts, who proactively monitor, identify, and resolve the most complex WLAN issues with no IT intervention.
Businesses no longer have to monetize operational best practices, fine tune configuration knobs or invest in labor, training and certifications,” adds Herscovici.

“Using cloud managed WLAN and AI-based proactive response, we can diagnose and resolve most WLAN connectivity issues within seconds,” Herscovici says. The Art2Wave AI system is built on an Expert System, Machine Learning and The Analyics Engine. The Expert System creates client behavior profiles and uses fingerprinting to tailor Device-to-Access Point interactions. The Machine Learning Engine is the brain of the AI system that learns of network behaviors and patterns by gathering data from the Art2Wave global network. The learning is used to inform and adjust the Expert System over time. In addition, the Analytics Engine regularly trends the Wi-Fi demands to inform the ‘Expert System’ on continually optimizing the WLAN environment. “Collectively the three engines optimize Wi-Fi networks to the environment, even as the environment changes,” Herscovici explains.

Art2Wave is focused on delivering innovation within the AI space, as it’s applied to real-time networks. But, it’s also keen on building strong customer relationships and partners based on the principles of continuous improvement and proactive response.“We prioritize our customer’s business outcomes when we design our roadmap or solutions to address their pain points,” Herscovici asserts.
Art2Wave intends to disrupt the traditional $30B+ networking industry with its AI-driven technology. But, it is also turning the industry upside down with its unconventional Networking-as-a-Service model. Moreover, the company is building a robust platform for channel partners who can form their own managed services, using Art2Wave’s solution. Art2Wave is really pushing the thinking around how to use AI to drive network optimization. Their priority is to continue to invest in deeper machine learning capabilities, service experience and WLAN features that help us address the increasing Quality of Experience (QoE) needs of today’s businesses. “Our AI-driven technology allows us and our partners to scale the “As-A-Service” solution in unprecedented ways, which allow us to pass on great cost benefits and value to our joint customers,” concludes the CEO.


Campbell, CA

Bernard Herscovici, CEO & Founder

Provider of Wireless LAN as a service with Artificial Intelligence provided optimization and support