Artha Infotama: A Go-to Partner for MS Dynamics

Stephen Hendry, CEO
With Microsoft shifting its Dynamics software to the cloud, enterprises today are able to gain access to an integrated Dynamics environment from anywhere, any device, at anytime—enhancing their agility and productivity. Empowering businesses to leverage the benefits of this environment is Jakarta-based firm Artha Infotama (Artha IT) through its provision of end-to-end solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365, Retail Management System, and Cloud Platform technology. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider 1-Tier (CSP 1-Tier), Artha IT has over 15 years of experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP technology across diverse industries. Drawing on its profound knowledge and experience in MS Dynamics ERP implementation, the team at Artha IT conducts a pattern implementation for clients with specific needs to ensure their level of success is optimum, and the return on investment (ROI) is faster.

MS Dynamics GP, a mid market to enterprise business solution software, helps organizations manage and integrate finances, supply chain, field service, manufacturing, preventive maintenance, project accounting, customer relationships, and human resources. The software automates business-critical operations and quickly adapts to meet industry-specific needs. Artha IT facilitates the implementation of MS Dynamics GP in clients’ IT systems by offering a user interface that resembles the look and feel of MS Office Outlook. Also, Artha IT enables seamless collaboration with the MS Office system and other Microsoft products and technologies.

More importantly, Artha IT’s MS Dynamics GP solutions can be used across different verticals in the form of plantation management, retail point of sale (POS), payroll management, property and building management, Garment/Textile, and other applications. “Microsoft Dynamics GP can handle multiple industry operations via a single engine. This allows us to add various industry solutions on top of Microsoft Dynamics GP,” highlights Stephen Hendry, Artha IT’s CEO. By harnessing Artha IT's MS Dynamics GP solutions portfolio, users will have in place all the information and tools required to streamline processes, improve customer service quality, and exceed their specific targets.

Secondly, Artha IT also brings to the table Dynamics 365, an ERP software product, designed to manage the complexities of a global organization by consolidating and standardizing processes and imparting visibility throughout the organization.

We not only enhance mobility but also help our clients to transform to the new technology and increase their profit by making their solutions more accessible to their consumers on multi platform device access (Android and iOS)

In today’s volatile market setting, businesses tend to face myriad regulatory requirements that vary widely across regions and countries. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes into play, assisting organizations in cutting down on risks and liabilities associated with corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and customer initiatives. With the help of this comprehensive solution, organizations can effectively manage growth and change by developing profitable supply chain relationships and promptly adapting internal processes to meet evolving demands.

The firm extends its solutions on a single platform which makes it low-cost and easily integrable into a client’s existing business processes. Speaking of challenges, Stephen points out that a lot of Artha IT’s clients are lagging behind in terms of their infrastructure and mobility. The company takes a proactive approach and tackles this issue by delivering a gamut of flexible mobile solutions, with enterprise functions like e-order, e-KPI, e-preventive task, e-leave request, e-procurement, e-travel, and so on. “We not only enhance mobility but also help our clients move to the new technology and increase their profit by making their solutions more accessible to their consumers on multi-platform devices (Android and iOS),” says Hendry.

One thing about Artha IT that hasn’t changed over the years is its vision of providing the best products along with rapid ROI for its clients. Currently, team Artha IT is on the go crafting an exclusive solution portfolio for the education industry besides working on several product enhancements. The firm’s long-term goals include expanding its footprint to the U.S., Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, and Australia.

Artha Infotama

Jakarta, Indonesia

Stephen Hendry, CEO

A Microsoft Dynamics Solution Partner that provides end-to-end solutions for business growth and rapid ROI

Artha Infotama