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David Nguyen, Founder “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.” This famous quote from Casablanca precisely depicts today’s digital marketplace. To draw more customers, digital solutions providers need to build great products that deliver impactful experiences. However, the engineering team, in charge of product design and development, in their mad dash to meet deadlines, often fail to achieve these objectives. Addressing this challenge, Southern California-based Arthur, a product strategy and user experience design studio, takes a straightforward approach that helps engineering teams to avoid complicated product development processes that slow them down. “We are an agile company that uses the philosophy of being nimble, to deliver client success,” says David Nguyen, Founder at Arthur. The company has the expertise of working with digital product companies across various industries that develop big data, e-commerce, fintech, productivity suites, and cybersecurity applications.

Aligning With Clients’ Teams for Better Results

Arthur utilizes the most creative and collaborative strategies for their clients that are based on their business model, goals, and customer base to build, grow, and evolve their product’s digital experience. “Our strategy of working with clients is to be as invisible as possible concerning our process," says Nguyen. This means that while working with their clients, Arthur does not disrupt their organizational workflows too much so that it creates confusion, but only when necessary to develop creative solutions. Arthur ensures that there is proper alignment with the client’s teams at every stage to work together smoothly without the friction that arises while working with outside vendors. “We try to adapt and be a part of their team and think like them as much as possible while bringing our techniques to the table,” adds Nguyen. By working seamlessly with its clients, the company eliminates the need to hire extra hands to meet product deadlines.

We are an agile company that uses the philosophy of being nimble, to deliver client success

The first step while working with clients is to define the best approach to be followed by understanding the business goals and user needs. Then Arthur iterates quickly and designs functional prototypes. The last leg in this journey is product development where the design and development teams build the product with pixel-perfect perfection.

Additionally, Arthur not only analyzes their clients’ challenges and problems in terms of the marketplace, the end-users, and the industry but also focuses on how to work with the internal teams. "A high percentage of our clients say that it is fun to work with a team like ours. That is something we take a lot of pride in—our craft," adds Nguyen. By helping their clients to think in new and more creative ways, the company aids in the development of better products. “We have a lot of great talent and thinkers, and we have been around the block enough to know how to help our clients to think creatively.”

Personalized Approach for Different Clients

When startups go through expansion, it stresses the limits of their products’ existing UX and design. For instance, a startup may have developed an expenses tracking app built for a single-type of consumer. But as they reposition themselves to serve the B2B market, they inevitably need to make changes to their product to incorporate new features and workflow. This may include developing new features and functionality to satisfy a new set of users for the application. The Arthur team has the immense expertise and understands how to design experiences for the additional user bases while staying true to the original product. “Be it a new audience, feature, or market, we design products to scale for current and future users,” says Nguyen.

On the other hand, the same strategy cannot be used while working with established enterprises that have significant market share and footprint.
The advent of BYOD has resulted in employees seeking to work with the systems that have the look and feel of consumer apps. To play their cards right in this age of consumerization of IT, these enterprises need to look at redefining the UI of their systems. With their experience and in-depth knowledge in user research and UI design, Arthur helps enterprises to make their systems simpler and fun to use while staying true to their original business platforms.

For instance, a large application lifecycle management firm that provides a development tool for major global enterprise clients contacted Arthur. However, the users were unhappy with the tool’s UX. Arthur was tasked with having to redesign the tool to make sure that it was more effective, seamless, and fun to use which in turn improved user adoption, engagement, and retention. Years later, the same client again contacted Arthur to make changes to the platform as engineers and developers of large enterprises started to use their own tools that were much simpler to use and manage. In response, the client decided to take one of the features of their platform and make it a standalone offering in a way that mimics the off-the-shelf products that these engineers were used to using. “With this one client we were able to support both sides of the adoption strategy, from the top-down approach and the bottom-up approach,” adds Nguyen.

Expert Team Delivering Exceptional Results

Arthur has a versatile team of experts which makes them surge ahead of the pack. “Like a small elite military team, each person on our team is extremely good at what they do, our teams are compiled in a way that fosters cross functional thinking. We think like engineers, designers, developers, and strategists, all in one,” adds Nguyen.

“It is important for us to raise the floor of the people who work with us to have our same skillsets,” asserts Nguyen. For this, Arthur conducts workshops in which they take the theories and concepts from technology conferences and then teach people to use it in their work. This ensures that when they work with their clients, they can contribute in a much better way while developing new products and solutions. Not only do they provide workshops, Nguyen says that their clients also hire them to train their internal UX teams. “Our training is not only important for the people who attend the session, but it is important for us as it allows us to give back to the industry,” adds Nguyen.


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