Artificial Intelligence Business Solutions: A Unique Approach to AI Development

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Stuart Thurlow, Managing Director
In 2016, working as a senior financial services professional with over 30 years of market experience, Stuart Thurlow saw from close quarters how artificial intelligence (AI) was transforming every industry. He also observed the large gap between companies’ AI ambition and their actual adoption. Amidst the technological advancements, one recurring theme for the financial and healthcare sector was the lack of available qualified AI developers and data scientists, which was holding back the speed of development.

It was this predicament, combined with Thurlow’s and three other seasoned executives’ passion for AI that spurred the genesis of Artificial Intelligence Business Solutions (AIBS). Founded by four directors, AIBS was primarily built as an AI research company for the financial and healthcare sectors. Not long after its inception did the team at AIBS realise the way AI was evolving as a solution for the ever-changing businesses requirements. Converting the traditional technology development model, the company crafted a nimble and unique approach to developing AI solutions that address multiple issues across almost any business line in a targeted and cost-effective fashion. “Companies need to initially deploy thin layers of AI to facilitate the capture of data and then to be brave enough to give AI the freedom to process, learn from, and manipulate this data. To that end, AIBS analyses clients’ businesses and mines the resulting intelligence to create tiered AI solutions, typically within four weeks. Our distinct methodology allows us to dramatically lower the expenses traditionally associated with these processes, providing a targeted and cost-effective solution, tailored to fit clients’ needs,” says Thurlow, managing director at AIBS.

Apart from providing AI solutions, AIBS also offers AI consultancy, development, and technology brokerage. The company has partnered with AI developer tech companies to understand the areas where AI can perform well and develop products and solutions accordingly. AIBS’ unique and swift approach, coupled with dynamic team with over 100 years of a combined AI experience across the financial and healthcare sectors, helps to implement AI solutions to resolve different challenges quickly owing to the machine learning capabilities.
The company has developed PMO Bot, a market-changing bot developed to facilitate and automate the PMO function in large organisations. “The average spend on the PMO function at the leading global investment banks is close to $100mn a year. Our PMO Bot automates or replaces about 50 percent of these functions and can be deployed across multiple business lines for cross-industry innovation, not just financial services,” adds Thurlow.

A typical client onboarding process at AIBS starts with deploying smart business solutions through its three-staged approach. First off, the company analyses the client’s business needs, followed by tailoring the solution using its broad range of AI partners. Finally, the solution is developed and deployed seamlessly, on time and within budget. Clients rely on AIBS for creating solutions that produce smarter systems, while enhancing the customer experience, in conjunction with cost and risk reduction. In an instance, a client from the healthcare sector wanted to improve their existing software while cutting down the patients’ waiting time. AIBS delivered a real-time AI geographical positioning solution to the client. The solution was driven by a sophisticated routing engine that streamlined strategic deployment and incident prediction, reducing response times and enhancing patient care.

Scripting similar success stories, AIBS stands on a belief that those companies with the courage to embrace AI technology today will be the successful companies of the future. With an aim to establish itself as a leading AI solution provider in the UK, AIBS’ partnerships now cover the full spectrum of AI deployments. The company plans to foray into the veterinary health care sector. “We also aim to create a predictive project management tool, which can by default, apply to all business sectors effectively,” Thurlow affirms.

[Since this interview, Stuart Thurlow passed away in a tragic snowboarding accident whilst on holiday with his family. His philosophy on life was to absolutely enjoy it now, each and every moment for what it was; never looking back, never regretting, and always moving forward. Owner of any room he chanced upon, his energy fuelled the souls of all those who knew him and will always live on in their hearts.]

Artificial Intelligence Business Solutions

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Stuart Thurlow, Managing Director

Artificial Intelligence Business Solutions analyses its customers’ business and mines the resulting intelligence to create tiered AI solutions for the end-users uniquely

Artificial Intelligence Business Solutions