Artisan Infrastructure: The Wholesale IaaS Provider

CIO VendorBrian Hierholzer, President and CEO
Suppliers of cloud services, like end user organizations, are looking for ways to both reduce costs and simplify their lives. They need a set of resources that are extremely reliable, easy to manage and easy to deploy to power their own service offerings. They face a difficult choice - should they build their own infrastructure or reach out to a partner?

Artisan Infrastructure, the wholesale Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider (IaaS), based in Austin, TX, believes that providing outsourced services to the outsourcers themselves is a market niche that no one is currently addressing. Service providers would be interested in a platform for their product or service that is designed to make it easy for them to develop, test, deploy and own their product or service. In addition they can allow someone else to deal with suppliers such as VMware, NetApp, HP, Arista, Brocade, and Cisco on their behalf so they can concentrate on their core business. The fact that this service might be less costly than something they built themselves would be a wonderful benefit. Artisan Infrastructure believes that it is the first IaaS provider to offer such a platform for service providers.

Artisan, founded by Brian Hierholzer, started in 2001 as a telephone services provider. "We understand the need for carrier grade, dial-tone levels of reliability and availability," says Brian Hierholzer, President and CEO of Artisan Infrastructure. Artisan Infrastructure has been designed using the same basic philosophy that drives the rest of the business: Use carrier-grade, best of breed, enterprise class technology products that are proven in thousands of implementations around the world.
"We are 100 percent committed to offering the best-of-breed Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform while posing no competitive threat in the marketplace to our IT solution partners, who include MSPs, VARs, PaaS, SaaS, Telco and Data Center providers. At this time, we are unaware of any other IaaS provider that is not willing to take on retail customers or build their own platform-as-a-service offerings. A trusted partner is something that is desperately needed in the industry and we are filling that void," says Brian. "With Cornerstone, our customers can create, manage and deliver their own solutions with full autonomy, control, security and visibility. Because our partner's own their solutions, they no longer have to put up with the small margins, limited control and slow response times typically associated with reselling. With everything cloud these days, MSPs and VARs can finally take control of their own solution portfolio when they partner with Artisan and compete more effectively in the rapidly evolving cloud technology landscape," he adds.

Combining best-in-class technology with a set of people who are highly motivated and dedicated to providing the best customer satisfaction for service providers of all sizes is the crucial Artisan difference. The Artisan infrastructure team not only has great engineers and technology experts, but is driven by people with extensive backgrounds in the telecom, software and IT industries. Industry knowledge, technical expertise, and an exceptional commitment to customer support have laid the foundation for Artisan Infrastructure to become the leader in wholesale only infrastructure solutions.

Artisan Infrastructure

Brian Hierholzer, President and CEO

Suppliers of cloud services, like end user organizations, are looking for ways to both reduce costs and simplify their lives.