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Jeffrey F. Moore, CSO, and Partner
Compared to other tech, which had huge promise, automation has been highly successful in making inroads into every industry. Not to mention that the pandemic would have created more ruckus if not for the automation of many businesses’ critical processes. No matter the industry, every business has certain core processes such as supplier invoices or customer sales orders, where automation has a broad application context. These include labor-intensive and manual in nature basic processes where automation can reduce operation cost and improve accuracy. An automated approach can go a long way in helping those businesses constrained by business process, government regulatory, and healthcare issues to deliver their products and services to customers more efficiently, economically, and in a much quicker fashion.

With an intelligent process automation platform, Ontario-based Artsyl enables its clients to automate any manual based business process through technology/software. “Consider a process with manual inputs on a particular workflow and we can automate it and there will be end-to-end straight through processing without human intervention,” states Jeffrey F. Moore, CSO, and partner at Artsyl. For instance, the automated process will allow the system to pick up a mail, extract the data from the attachment, and input it directly into aclient’s ERP system eliminating the need for manual intervention. “You can still have user assisted type automation where manual intervention is required and a bot cannot make a decision,” adds Moore.

Whether it is invoice/sales order, healthcare claims, quality management with material test reports, financial services related to mortgages, or retail installment contracts, with Artsyl’s no-code automation platform, users can automate all these horizontal processes of similar nature. Not every environment is equal and as opportunistic in deploying a solution. Based on the complexity and customers’ needs, Artsyl provides deployment both on-premise or in private/public cloud scenarios within hours to a few weeks.
For instance, Cobalt Boats’ AP manually processed invoices with underutilized skilled personnel by performing mundane, repetitive tasks. Given the growing revenues and increased business opportunities for the company, Cobalt Boats needed to revamp its AP processing. Cobalt Boats started using Artsyl’sInvoiceAction, based on Artsyl’s Intelligent Process Automation platform, and they were able to see anatural streamlining of operations in their AP department.

Invoices are scanned automatically using Artsyl’s powerful, intelligent document capture software docAlpha. With automatic scanning, sorting, validation, verification, approval, and reporting, InvoiceAction facilitates touchless AP processing. Three years into the process, Cobalt Boats have recently upgraded to the latest version of InvoiceAction, which is cloud-based, and are in the process of expanding the volume of invoices to be processed with Artsyl’s cloud. “We always keep the customer’s interest in mind and we drive towards lowering operational costs, making customers more efficient and productive in their business operations,” adds Moore.

There is no magic bullet that separates one enterprise from another, but the totality of working together with customers to solve their business issues has gained Artsyl the reputation of a highly flexible and dynamic company. “Our technology stack, deployment methodologies, and approach to business represent the best of breed techniques to solve our clients’ problems,” states Moore. In the last four decades, whenever the industry has been brought to a halt due to a financial calamity or a pandemic, the technology companies have always adapted, overcome, and delivered better solutions. On a similar note, Artsyl is heavily investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company is expanding the use of AI and introducing numerous advances in its intellectual property. “We are expanding our capabilities in terms of workflow and RPA,” adds Moore. Artsyl will continue to grow, evolve, expand and promises that the best is yet to come for its customers and partners in terms of the most unique no-code platform available in the market.


Vaughan, Ontario

Jeffrey F. Moore, CSO, and Partner

Artsyl’s highly customizable automation platform isfocused on eliminating manual steps and accelerating the delivery of highly accurate data whichcan be applied to any business process and meet specific customer requirements to automate document and data acquisition, classification, data extraction, validation of extracted data, via business rules, and entries into required ERP or other business application endpoints