ARUNDO: Unleashing the Power of Analytics to Optimize Industrial Operations

Martin Lundqvist, CEO
Benjamin Franklin, an American polymath, once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

These Insightful words are especially relevant in today’s technologically-complex industrial world, where equipment failures are inevitable unless companies implement well-planned, proactive maintenance programs. If they fail to do so, the entire manufacturing line can come to a grinding halt with dire financial and safety implications.

Imagine the consequences of an industrial drying oven at a manufacturing plant breaking down unexpectedly. This would be followed by a flurry of activities with operators scurrying to troubleshoot and re-light the oven to minimize plant downtime. Worse yet, what if the gas accumulated in the oven caused an explosion, leading to fatalities? Such incidents can compromise the safety of workers and cost companies millions of dollars.

The good news is ensuring smooth industrial operations without downtime and safety risks need not be an elusive goal for companies. With the power of data analytics, operators can detect operational anomalies even before they occur.

Enter ARUNDO—an advanced analytics/AI software-asa- service company.

Driven by a team of expert data scientists specialized in equipment maintenance, ARUNDO identifies data patterns that indicate problems lying ahead. Purpose-built for assetintensive industries like manufacturing, chemical processing, maritime, and energy, ARUNDO’s business-to-business, cloud-based, and edge-enabled software products help industrial companies increase revenue, reduce overhead, and mitigate operational risks.

“We build readymade products based on ML, advanced analytics, and IoT. We are not a platform provider; we build products for immediate consumption by clients,” says Martin Lundqvist, CEO of ARUNDO.

ARUNDO helps clients with the predictive maintenance of their equipment by providing data-driven insights into industrial operations. Turning industrial data into value, ARUNDO enables process engineers, maintenance engineers, and reliability engineers to make smarter, faster decisions related to equipment and operations.

The ARUNDO team has worked with industrial companies around the world for years. Back in 2015, Tor Jakob Ramsøy, an advanced analytics maven, witnessed firsthand how the deluge of telemetry data, generated through sensors across the oil and gas industry, was squandered. With a goal to help asset-heavy industries use this data and drive significant performance improvements through data science, ML, and statistical approaches, Ramsøy laid the cornerstone of ARUNDO.

After spending the first few years of its journey identifying problems that can be solved with data assets, ARUNDO focused on piloting solutions, concept-testing, and conducting a series of technology experiments. In the years that followed, ARUNDO built one of the first analytical platforms for the industrial space, which allows companies to quickly connect to telemetric data and deploy analytical models at scale. Soon after, the ARUNDO team realized that clients were looking for readymade applications instead of an analytics platform, wherein the analytics have been done, discovered, and deployed for them.

In this pursuit, ARUNDO came up with end-to-end analytics products, including Arundo Edge Agent, Arundo Edge Manager, Marathon, DataSeer, and SPYRO® for Asset Management , which are available off the shelf or through its partners. Today, the company has earned its position as a leader in the industry with its products defined by unsurpassed quality standards.

Making a Mark with Winning Solutions

With Arundo Edge Agent, ARUNDO provides the easiest way to connect, analyze, and act upon remote field data at the edge to improve operational performance. The product allows companies to connect to data that is stranded in control systems and historians, process and stream it, and run models at the edge with low or no internet connectivity.

Arundo Marathon is an off-the-shelf predictive and prescriptive analytics product that extends equipment lifetime by helping optimize operations. It saves clients more than 10 percent of spare parts costs and 20 percent on operational maintenance.

ARUNDO has built AI-powered DataSeer in collaboration with Worley—a global provider of professional project and asset services—to automatically extract industrial symbols, lines, tables, and text and convert them into easy-to-use, standard output formats compatible with existing workflows. SPYRO® for Asset Management is an equally impressive product that ARUNDO co-developed with Technip Energies—a leading provider of consulting and engineering services and technologies for the low-carbon energy market. The unparalleled simulation capabilities of SPYRO improve the operation and reliability of ethylene plants in petrochemical industries.

ARUNDO products increase the reliability quotient of assets by providing insights into their performance (based on wear-and-tear) and the life span of the equipment, preventing clients from over or under maintaining them. ARUNDO’s solutions also help clients predict problems arising from running equipment beyond the designed operating envelope and adjust the operating parameters to prevent issues, bridging the energy consumption and sustainability gap.

At the heart of ARUNDO’s solutions lies its proprietary technology. No matter where the equipment is—in the field, at sea, or underground—the company uses its technology to solve the long-standing stranded data issue. ARUNDO effectively connects to the equipment’s control systems and telemetric sensors to extract the data, store it, and contextualize it at the edge or in the cloud.

Going beyond alerting clients to equipment malfunction and equipping them with fresh, actionable insights, ARUNDO enables them to take preventative and prescriptive actions to avoid problems. The company achieves this by providing workflows that define action plans to facilitate data-driven decision-making.

We build readymade products based on ML, advanced analytics, and IoT. We are not a platform provider; we build products for immediate consumption by clients

“We are keen on choosing analytical models that are useful for delivering action plans in an interpretable and scalable manner,” notes Lundqvist. ARUNDO standardizes operating practices so that the best practices pertaining to one plant can be implemented in others globally through a practical, software-led approach.

Customer-Centricity at the Core

With undivided attention to providing an excellent customer experience, ARUNDO skilfully guides clients throughout their digital transformation journey. When MacGregor, part of Cargotec, and a leading provider of sustainable maritime cargo solutions and services, was looking for a robust data analytics solution to predict abnormal operating modes and prevent failures in cranes, ARUNDO proved to be the perfect match. MacGregor sought to reduce its customers’ total cost of ownership by controlling the lifecycle of equipment installed on every vessel. ARUNDO developed an advanced analytics solution, OnWatch Scout, that uses fleet data to detect patterns to indicate a risk of failure. Monitoring and analyzing crane performance data streamed from the vessels, OnWatch Scout enabled MacGregor’s customers to make better-informed decisions and reduce problem-solving time.

With the same zeal to sustain its winning streak, ARUNDO continues to draw upon its rich knowledge, deep-rooted expertise, and world-class team to do what it does best—deliver industrial analytics for a better tomorrow.


Palo Alto, California; Houston, Texas; Oslo, Norway

Martin Lundqvist, CEO

ARUNDO is an advanced analytics/ AI software-as-a-service company driven by a team of expert data scientists specialized in equipment maintenance and identifying data patterns indicating problems lying ahead of time. The company helps clients with the predictive maintenance of their equipment by providing insights into industrial operations.