Arxan Technologies: Securing IoT Applications

Joe Sander, CEO
In present times, alongside the rapid proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, security concerns are posing a myriad of challenges for individuals and enterprises. It is essential to ensure the protection of these software applications against potential hackers, who, by undertaking code-based attacks, tend to reverse-engineer, tamper and steal critical data from various systems. In such a business scenario, Arxan Technologies, a San Francisco, California based firm, is an enterprise software leader for application attack prevention and self-protection to protect keys, code, data and intellectual property in Mobile, IoT and other embedded software. “Our patented guarding technology protects applications against attacks,” says Joe Sander, CEO, Arxan Technologies.

The inception of Arxan Technologies traces back to when the firm helped the U.S. Government and the Department of Defense protect software embedded in intelligent assets. According to Sander, IoT devices are connected in gateways, endpoints, and servers, with software applications and binary codes running underneath the infrastructure. The binary codes and embedded software are amongst the prime targets of attacks. “While there is no such thing as hack-proof, a company that uses a combination of our leading edge technology and expert methodology gets you closer to that goal,” says Sander. Arxan Technologies has a team of expert white hat hackers, who look for the newest techniques and emerging tools used by hackers to ensure that the firm outwits nefarious actors and is developing solutions ahead of time. “In a fluid environment, our white hat team allows us to ensure that our customers are always ahead of the latest attack,” elucidates Sander.

Arxan performs real-time security checks on running applications to prevent tampering. The technology is designed in such a way, inside the binary code, that it can react and, in some cases, self repair when it detects an adverse event. Customers can seamlessly protect their devices and data by encrypting their code or cryptographic keys and blocking unauthorized access. This prevents copying and modification of applications and effectively prevents hackers from inserting malicious code.

Our patented guarding technology prevents and protects applications against hacker attacks

Today, the firm’s products protect applications running on more than 500 million devices, helping enterprises in multifarious industries that include banking, gaming, digital media, automotive, and healthcare. For instance, in the automotive IoT market, the connected car ecosystem has spurred new risks and attack vectors. “Our automotive IoT solution enables our customers to protect code from being tampered with or reverse engineered to ensure the integrity of a connected vehicle’s applications and data,” assures Sander. Likewise, the healthcare industry is also relying on different applications to monitor patients’ health in better ways. “Healthcare devices that lack binary hardening protection allow hackers to unethically access critical data and controls,” cites Sander.

According to Sander, in the future, there will be mobile applications that will provide information on the battery level of a pacemaker, heart rate of the patient and even run tests to ensure the pacemaker is functioning properly. The information gathered will be relayed to the doctor's office, miles away, to monitor, verify, and make adjustment to the pacemaker and ensure that the patient remains safe. “In such scenarios, our medical device customers rely on Arxan’s soon-to-be ISO compliant healthcare IoT solutions to ensure that their applications are safe,” says Sander.

Presently, Arxan Technologies plans to expand their product offering into various IoT verticals with enhanced protection of applications and streamlined technologies to make it easier for customers to install and maintain their products. The firm is also working on technologies to enhance reporting and analytics. “We will continue to deliver cost effective solutions to our customers to ensure that the integrity of their applications is not compromised,” concludes Sander.

Arxan Technologies

San Francisco, CA

Joe Sander, CEO

Builds solutions that protect keys, code, data and intellectual property in mobile, IoT and embedded software

Arxan Technologies