Ascend Digital Solutions: Paving Pathways for a Digitally Transformed Africa

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Michael Kwablah, Chief Technology Officer
The post-COVID era has made it evident that continual digital transformation is paramount to organizational progress and staying relevant in the shifting markets.

Digital transformation has created newer, more efficient paths for growth and development, resource management, and data collection. Ascend Digital Solutions is a company that understands the potential of digital transformation and leverages its know-how in the field to revamp telecom infrastructure in Africa’s digital connectivity space.

Ascend Digital Solutions provides a digital roadmap that assists Africa’s transformation and socio-economic development in terms of connectivity. With its focus on digital transformation, the company delivers the required upgrades to clients’ systems. Ascend Digital Solutions provides long-term evolution and fourth-generation connectivity, resulting in increased speed and larger capacity.

“Understanding the importance of connectivity in the 4th industrial revolution, we ensure that the clients have round-the-clock connectivity through a combination of fiber and LTE solutions and data centre services”, says Michael Kwablah, Chief Technology Officer at Ascend Digital Solutions.

Ascend Digital Solutions aims to provide high-speed, secure and seamless digital connectivity across Africa through a robust digital infrastructure. With the company’s solutions, even private individuals can easily access the internet and stay well connected.

In Ghana, Ascend Digital Solutions with its subsidiary, Smart InfraCo has a public-private partnership arrangement with National Information Technology Agency (NITA) an agency under Ministry of Communication and Digitalisation (MOCD) to transform and upgrade the National Data Centres (Tier III & Tier II data center), security operations center, Backbone & Metro fiber infrastructure as well as the LTE infrastructure serving the Government of Ghana and public institutions across the country.
As part of the arrangement,Ascend Digital Solutions through its subsidiary, Smart InfraCo also manages, operates and commercializes the infrastructure to private institutions. The company provides seamless, secure, and reliable connectivity to customers within Ghana and those who want connectivity between Ghana and Burkina Faso. The partnership between Ascend Digital Solutions and NITA opens new ventures to provide digital platforms, connectivity and broadband services.

Understanding the importance of critical connectivity, we ensure that clients experience seamless service through a secure and reliable Digital infrastructure

Ascend Digital Solutions Ltd. is also a trusted partner to Ghana Investment Fund For Electronic Communications (GIFEC) and is building an Africa first Shared Neutral Rural Wireless network with the objective to reduce the digital divide and increase financial inclusion. The shared neutral network will extend coverage and provide voice & data services to over 3.4 million residents living in unserved and underserved rural areas.

Along with its international technical partners, Ascend Digital Solutions makes the best use of their center of excellence to upgrade the skill set of its team. With digitalization programs headed by the government, the entire economy benefits from the new and improved forms of connectivity. Ascend Digital Solutions has built a blue print and looks forward to working with other governments in Africa to spread this initiative to as many countries as possible. The company’s programs, services, and ideas aim to transform the face of digitalization in Africa.

Ascend Digital Solutions

East Legon, Greater Accra, Ghana, West Africa

Michael Kwablah, Chief Technology Officer

Ascend digital Solutions is a company that aims to digitally transform connectivity and network in Africa. They work with the government to provide programs and services to open up new doors for improved and better connectivity, for the growth of the society and economy.

Ascend Digital Solutions