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“The shift in IT philosophy from on-premise networking solutions to out-base offerings has led to a lot of confusion. The networking solution providers are having a hard time in offering solutions that work best for customers and achieve good ROI,” says Ted Frederick, President Ascentek. While many companies, particularly SMBs, have invested significant dollars in their on-premise networking solutions, they are reluctant to shift to cloud for the fear that they may lose their investment. “We found a perfect balance. Ascentek combine on-premise resources with Microsoft Office 365 to build a hybrid solution that not only helps companies to conduct any-time, anywhere business, but also ensures good ROI.”

Ascentek uses Microsoft Office 365 product extensively in its own offices and sees the clients in the same scenario. The company is available through Skype for Business and provides voice and video communications to its clients through help desk. “When our clients call, they can either go for a regular phone call or set a business conference through Skype, so that we can work through their issues, see what they are doing, and provide them the best tailored solutions,” says Frederick. “We bring the same advantage what we ourselves leverage out of Microsoft portfolio. So, we are the big proponents of Office 365 suite, specifically Skype for Business and Microsoft Exchange Server.”

Being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, with multi-talented team of industry-certified technicians and engineers, Ascentek makes technology meet business needs.The company works with the individual businesses to determine a customized solution—whether the client care more about having access to their files and data or the ability to run spreadsheets from a beach—they get it without ever having to go to their server room.“Our customization is not just limited to software, hardware, and cloud solutions, we also offer helpdesk and support mechanisms to help users adapt seamlessly to any changes,”remarks Frederick. The company’s specializations include desktop and server support, network design and maintenance, email systems, and network security services.Additionally, Ascentek’s team provides fast on-site and remote support to clients and ensures those issues are resolved quickly and correctly.
The company’s clients are comprised of banks, manufacturing, legal offices, schools, auto dealerships, architects, non-profits, and more. In one instance, a manufacturing firm with its facilities around the world, continued to acquire smaller manufacturing firms and integrate them into their network. The resulting disparate networks, separate email domain, and file structures, posed challenges in integrating the completely different networks. Ascentek was able to migrate all the disparate domains to Office 365 and merge them together to offer a unified user experience. “We ended up building one overarching network structure without having to implement any physical devices at each of the different locations,” says Frederick. “We had their master and sub domains all under one umbrella.” Therefore, when user travels from plant to plant, they now have the same user experience and access to same information and data. Also, by implementing Skype for Business, Ascentek built a complete communication suite that brought all the people across the company or from different locations communicate face-to-face without ever having to fly anywhere. “The implementations made customers mobile. We helped them maintain the small local business culture even when they operated internationally.”

We combine on-premise resources with Microsoft Office 365 to build a hybrid solution that not only helps companies to conduct any-time,anywhere business, but also ensures ROI

Ascentek’s services provide the clients with the benefits of an enterprise-level IT staff. As a team, the company reviews the status of each client weekly and ensures that any open issues are resolved or assigned to the appropriate resource for resolution. “Our clients just have to concentrate on work without having to bother about how their computers can pull things off,” concludes Frederick.


Pittsfield, MA

Ted Frederick President

Provides computer consulting and IT outsourcing with specializations in desktop and server support, network design and maintenance, email systems, network security, and help desk services.