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Tiago Poola, Founder & CEO
In today’s fast-changing nature of business, one of the key factors required for business performance is fast delivery of software applications as it impacts revenue and customer experience. Software development teams or IT consulting service providers perform agile development for a variety of projects, including software development and updates, re-platforming, deployment sizing and re-sizing, capacity planning, and changing cloud infrastructure. DevOps—involving software development, quality assurance, and operations teams working hand-in-hand—has become the evident solution to ensure quicker rollouts of application releases using software delivery models such as Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). The underlying IT infrastructure impacts both application performance and operational costs. A trusted IT solution provider, AskLytics, specializes in machine learning-based Software as a Service (SaaS) for optimizing IT Systems and Application Performance. By working alongside DevOps teams and IT consulting service providers, AskLytics helps organizations to cultivate a modus of work that is proactive in optimizing rather than being reactive to performance issues. All products under their IntelliSense suite have the ability to integrate with an organization’s existing software development processes as well as CI and CD pipelines. They use plugins to enable organizations to proactively and continuously improve quality by optimizing the application performance and the underlying infrastructure. Companies can save time, effort, and costs during sizing and capacity planning phases of software deployment by determining the optimal deployment resource needed to meet the performance goals.

Through their solutions, the team at AskLytics is enriching the life of DevOps teams and IT consulting service providers by identifying performance bottlenecks and resolving them without involving subject-matter experts (SMEs). “One way of how we help them out is providing tools that predict in advance how the applications will perform on the infrastructure during every iteration of the development life cycle helping mitigate risks early on.
To achieve this, we collect domain-specific knowledge of typical application performance patterns and apply proprietary IT machine learning and statistical techniques to predict outcomes which are likely to occur in future,” states Tiago Poola, Founder & CEO, AskLytics. Their tools allow the Performance & Quality Assurance engineers in DevOps teams to gain insights on the application’s infrastructure performance during the regression or functional testing phases. Their SaaS solutions supplement and enhance the existing software development workflows.

In one case, AskLytics enabled engineers to be proactive in optimizing system resources during the continuous testing of software builds. This saved time and effort during the performance testing phase. In another case, they helped an organization to replatform by moving their applications from commercial web servers which ran on internal servers to open source web servers on cloud infrastructure. AskLytics’ software provided key performance and capacity metrics. This enabled the operations team to determine the right compute type and sizing to meet the SLOs (Service Level Objectives).

Having set a benchmark in their arena, AskLytics believes that not only large U.S. and European markets, but also APEJ, which is smaller but much faster in the adoption of cloud-based services, can benefit significantly from its solutions. The higher rate can result in the common pitfall of overuse of IT infrastructures, thus making optimization of performance a key way to saving costs. The engineers at the company are also improving the existing statistical tools, and are building an intelligent framework which can make use of the gained knowledge to predict the application performance and system behavior under a variety of loads without having to run an elaborate set of tests. “Infrastructure performance is application performance. We intend to make sure that the effort needed to optimize application performance and IT infrastructure costs is minimized to the maximum extent possible,” concludes Poola.

AskLytics Inc

Sunnyvale, CA

Tiago Poola, Founder & CEO and Vladimir Volchegursky, Chief Data Scientist

Empowers DevOps with optimizing application performance and reducing IT infrastructure costs using machine learning solutions

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