Aspect Software: Managing and Enhancing Customer’s Experience Holistically

The marketing communications pyramid is flipping over—from top down to bottom up. The older, offline, one-way consumer communications that marketers were familiar with are now making way for newer channels—online interactions, mobile communications, tweets, and blogs. However, various organizations, including the Fortune 1000s, still harbor legacy systems for customer interactions, causing CIOs to endure huge expenses in exchange for minimal returns. “We are helping these organizations and their CIOs to better leverage their investments by forming efficient and effective channels to address their customer’s needs,” says Joe Gagnon, SVP and GM, Aspect Software. “Our mission is to bridge the gap between producers and consumers through superlative engagement platforms.” Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Aspect Software has built its fort in the customer experience landscape by providing profound customer experiences across the latest communication channels.

Our offerings allow customers to engage with companies in the manner and method they choose-whether through self-service or with agents- to resolving issues and answer questions in real time

Aspect helps enterprise contact centers in delivering remarkable customer experiences to the tech savvy generation of today—with its portfolio that includes workforce optimization, self-service and analytics. The company has platforms that integrate agents and consumers with self-service capabilities that creates a holistic view for delivering profound customer service. Agents can connect with the consumers either through emails, videos or chats, providing best-in-class customer support across various channels. “Our offerings allow customers to interact with agents in the manner and method they chose for resolving issues and queries in real time. It is essential for organizations to drive consumer loyalty, consumer satisfaction, brand success, and market prominence,” says Gagnon.
Joe Gagnon, SVP & GM
Aspect has made a name of its own with its cloud platform Zipwire that assists organizations to respond quickly to changing customer demands while controlling overall costs. “Zipwire brings the flexibility to integrate customer experience management solutions even within a broader ecosystem—where agents can control the customers experience quotient effortlessly,” says Gagnon. Zipwire comes with unified agent desktop and omni-channel routing that reduces the complexities of supporting multiple channels. With Zipwire at the backend, organizations can scale up and down with their changing preferences and needs, while paying only for what they are using. It also makes it easier to retain customers and stay competitive in today’s business climate. Aspect keeps itself at the forefront in procuring the related data when an individual purchase any product. The company keeps track of the collected information along with their channel preference for interactions, allowing managers to take effective steps in keeping end users satisfied. “When you leverage the intersection of insights and products, you can generate values that keep you miles ahead in your competition,” says Gagnon.

Aspect’s cloud center of excellence located in Orlando, FL is a place where various company’s developers and designers works together to come up with the new models and strategies for future. “Like a center of innovation, it is also a center of excellence where we execute ideas faster and easier so that our clients can get maximum value,” says Gagnon. Going forward, Aspect will strive towards helping its customers in reimagining customer experience by connecting consumer technology with organizations. “It will allow our customers to create truly innovative unprecedented ways to attract and retain consumers,” says Gagnon. Aspect has aligned its future strategies in the direction of their customer’s needs and the company will continue to invest in this trajectory.

Aspect Software

Chelmsford, MA

Joe Gagnon, SVP & GM

Aspect helps enterprise contact centers deliver remarkable customer experiences across every conversation and every channel – through a single, elegant software platform