Assai Management Consulting: Bridging the Gap between Strategy and Execution

Fredrick Redd, CEO
Completing the 1.5 mile swim from Alcatraz to the shore or competing in the triathlons and half marathons are almost impossible for many, but not for Fredrick Redd, CEO, Assai Management Consulting. Being at the helm of a company that specializes in providing strategy, implementation and execution management services, Redd envisions replicating equally amazing feats within the construction services industry to help enterprises stay ahead of the curve.

Redd feels that one of the biggest challenges in the construction industry is the cut-throat competition, due to the technology advancements that have reduced labor costs. Because of this growing trend, majority of the enterprises are looking to secure a reputation for technical capacity and superiority by quickly adapting to these tech advancements. By providing business strategy and strategic planning services, Assai Management is helping them in this cause. “We typically take a 3-phase approach that includes a Discovery Phase, Design Phase, and a Delivery Phase to help clients,” reveals Redd. During the Discovery Phase, Assai Management gathers extensive information about the client’s organization including internal and external interviews, all financial information, vision/mission statements, review of clients, competitors and/or vendors, industry trends, and market research data. “In simple words, we prepare and present findings to our client,” affirms Redd. During the Detail Phase, the company performs internal and external environmental audits that include a McKinsey’s 7S’s Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT Analysis, 4P analyses, and Macro economic factors among others. This information is then compiled into a series of strategic options and recommendations that are presented to the clients. Upon approval, Assai Management proceeds to the Delivery Phase which involves the development of a strategic business plan and/or marketing plan.

“We see organizational change management as the link between strategy and implementation. Moreover, we also employ corporate coaching with the Birkman Method, which is an industry leading behavioral assessment to help drive the human side of change,” claims Redd.

On the execution end of the process, Assai Management Consulting provides two services: 1) distinct program or project management expertise to ensure the implementation of the strategy; 2) specific project or construction management services on their client’s projects.
Assai Management provides Project Integration, Scope, Schedule, Cost, and Qualilty Management, Human Resource Management, Communication Management, Procurement Management, and Claim Management tailored specifically for each project and excels in working in large complex mega projects.

Siemens, Lockheed Martin, Five Star Electric and Coleman Research are some of the illustrious clientele of the firm. Assai Management helped Siemens by providing project control solutions for the design and installation of a $250 million MTA New York City Transit project.

We typically take a 3-phase approach that includes a Discovery Phase, Design Phase, and a Delivery Phase to help clients

The services provided helped Siemens successfully develop a SONET/ATM backbone network to connect 188 subway stations across Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. Assai Management also provided critical project control services to help Siemens design, furnish, and install a PA/CIS system at 156 stations and a closed-circuit television surveillance system (CCTV) with customer help point intercoms.

Moving ahead, the vision for Assai Management Consulting is to target and align their growth to the expansion of the construction industry and the overall economy. The company also aims to expand its reach globally over the next five years. “Assai Management Consulting is already an approved International Advisor to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, actively working on securing contracts in international markets. And we need to pay full attention to the global and local economic data, market data, identifying technological trends, attending conferences and reading leading monthly journals, to stay relevant in the industry,” concludes Redd.

Assai Management Consulting

New York, NY

Fredrick Redd, CEO

A company that provides strategy, implementation and execution management services with a performance improvement focus for transportation, technology, energy/power, and construction sectors