ASSET Solutions: Strengthening the Semiconductor Industry with Robust and Innovative Replacement Parts

Silicon wafer-based semiconductors are emerging as the building blocks of modern technology and forming a cornerstone of the electronics industry. Today, it is essential that companies maximize their wafer production to keep up with the rising electronic demands. However, the semiconductor industry is riddled with a greater problem, the falling quality of consumable replacement parts needs, caused by unmaintained fabrication chambers. As an antidote, chip manufacturers seek high-quality consumable spare parts development and want to collaborate with expert engineers capable of ensuring the timely delivery of critical components.

This is where ASSET Solutions steps in to support semiconductor chip manufacturers address their high-quality, critical spares needs, assisting them to capitalize on improved spares' performance at competitive prices.

Established in 2003, ASSET Solutions provides superior, and precision manufactured parts and support services to the high-tech industries globally. ASSET Solutions offers fabricators with innovative and optimized consumables solutions, transforming the semiconductor manufacturing world through collaboration with chip makers that utilize reliable replacement parts and recognize the importance of quality, traceability, and on-time deliveries in the global industry. Recognizing the need in alignment with its core values, ASSET implemented cutting edge technology, to help semiconductor factories globally, to optimize manufacturing performance. Through its ‘we innovate together’ mindset,

ASSET Solutions streamlines spares needs such as disposable shield kits used within the PVD chambers. This innovation enables fabs to minimize manpower, optimize process repeatability, and enhance the life of their chambers at competitive prices.

ASSET Solutions addresses the persistent challenges of delivering high-quality and robust spares cost-effectively by leveraging its deep industry expertise and technical knowledge. Setting ASSET Solutions apart from market contemporaries, is their ability to listen to their customers and understanding their challenges before creating sustainable solutions that precisely align within their specifications. This customer-centric engagement approach is driven by its long-standing tenet that considers top quality, repeatability, and simplicity to be paramount in encouraging innovative solutions with minimal issues.
A prevalent challenge semiconductor manufacturers’ face is the reliance on increased technician man-hours, which translates to higher operational and maintenance costs. The growing supply chain issues in the U.S. and beyond also cause a shortage of sufficient skilled staff in production facilities.

These issues hinder companies from delivering their products on time, push factories to operate at limited capacities and cause an overall breakdown of their operational cycle. ASSET Solutions bypasses these hurdles by collaborating closely with its customers to create a product delivery process that minimize supply chain or personnel shortage challenges.

"We work one-on-one with our customers and equipment engineers to develop a customized solution for manufacturing semiconductor wafers, with improved processing speed and efficiency at a very competitive price," says Nikki Krishnadatt, director of business development.

We work one-on-one with our customers and equipment engineers to develop a customized solution for manufacturing semiconductor chips with improved processing speed and efficiency at a very competitive price

ASSET Solutions has numerous environment-friendly and sustainable offerings, including the roller bearing latch, thermal spray coatings, Trebor pump rebuilds, in a class 100/ ISO 5 cleanroom. Its cleanroom hosts the entire process of semiconductor product development, from assembly and kitting to final cleaning and packaging. Its processing area is staged into three sections; parts enter the cleanroom through section one for QC, systematically move to section two for cleaning and secondary processing before they enter section 3, where final assembly, kitting, packaging, QC, and labeling take place.

From a thermal spraying standpoint, ASSET Solutions offers some of the most versatile solutions through twin wire arc and plasma spraying for applications within PVD chambers. Its thermal spraying generates extremely high-quality and uniform coatings on a multitude of substrates. A key advantage that perfectly illustrates the coating's benefits is its ability to help manufacturers reclaim precious metals like gold and platinum that often get deposited on chamber walls when used to coat the PCB tracks. The coating helps wafer manufacturers easily reclaim the sputtered precious metals to save millions of dollars.

Concurrently, ASSET Solutions' disposable shield kits are for one-time use, containing everything a worker needs to perform maintenance tasks within a chamber. The shield kits reduce downtime with faster maintenance, minimize human interaction, and drive cost savings through reduced man-hours and parts degradation. These advantages come at a fraction of the cost of new parts that encompass installation, refurbishment, and logistical costs. Essentially, clients can leverage ASSET Solutions' disposable shield kits to boost savings on multiple fronts—time and financial resources— through a single product.

Skyrocketing digitalization and electronic mobility will continue to drive the need for high-quality consumable components and services targeted at the semiconductor industry. ASSET Solutions aims to capitalize on these emerging opportunities and support its clients in unlocking transformative applications.

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Nikki Krishnadatt, Director of Business Development.

ASSET Solutions, Inc. provides precision manufactured parts, customized components, and support services to today’s high-tech industries. Its capabilities include thermal spray coatings, cleanroom final clean, assembly, kitting, and packaging services along with prototype to production CNC manufacturing, sheet metal fabrication, and welding, abrasive blasting

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