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Employment background checks are undoubtedly an essential step for companies to take while considering prospective candidates for a job role. In most cases, HR managers check various areas of a prospect’s professional and personal life to ensure that the candidate is best suited for employment. This not only helps in hiring the best candidates but also eliminates the risk of white-collar crimes. HR leaders agree that the time and cost an organization saves by not conducting a background investigation is trivial when compared to the cost incurred due to negligent hiring. In this regard, pre-employment screening solutions become an integral facet of an organization’s hiring strategy.

With an array of pre-employment screening solutions, Cisive—a global provider of compliance-driven human capital management and risk management solutions—is successful in offering actionable intelligence for HR leaders to keep employers safe from needless and expensive litigation that arises out of occupational frauds. “We provide a robust platform and quality insights that help HR leaders to onboard candidates successfully,” says Alan Gordon, CIO at Cisive.

Setting a Golden Standard

Built by unifying expertise, experience, and industry best practices, Cisive’s background screening services empower organizations with unparalleled insights and accurate results that can help them make informed decisions about applicants. “We deliver the services with a steadfast focus on truthful reporting, legal compliance, and integrity of the source material,” says Gordon. The solutions are designed to fit the complex challenges in the hiring processes that require a mix of bespoke technology coupled with customer service.

For instance, while conducting criminal background checks, the company always includes multiple repository searches. It is followed by an investigative audit that confirms record accuracy and a review for legal dissemination under state, federal, and international law. Be it an inquiry on social security number, verification of employment and education, checking motor vehicle records and credit history, or vendor and drug screening, Cisive is dedicated to providing the most accurate information.

“Data collection means nothing without requisite analysis, the challenge is not mining information, but it is communicating the right information amongst siloed departments and systems. Technology gives the power to identify the right candidate, but weighing them against the required data points is essential for the best results. Moreover, submitting information among multiple systems makes the candidate rather jaded,” continues Gordon.

The company understands that a proprietary, platform-neutral, and mobile-enabled technology can reduce applicant inquiries and provides a seamless candidate experience. Cisive’s Human Capital Management Technology (HCM) technology offers paperless pre-employment screening solutions that integrate pre-hire screening and post-hire onboarding to support the entire life cycle of hiring.

Soup to Nuts Approach

Cisive adopts a ‘soup to nuts’ approach to talent acquisition from the moment a candidate is identified for a job role to their first day at work. The company understands that providing background screening services to a diverse clientele is a highly responsible and complicated task. Be it drug screening, criminal background verification, or verifying motor vehicles record, understanding the client and their unique business requirements is important.

We provide a robust platform and quality insights that help HR leaders to onboard candidates successfully

The company also follows the compliant regulations mandated by different states, cities, and federal laws. For instance, many states and cities restrict employers from inquiring into certain areas, such as the credit history of the employee. Cisive keeps apprised of the latest trends and updates of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), with state and local laws. As legal compliance has become more challenging, Cisive helps its clients develop responsible hiring practices by following the recommendations and guidelines of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), as well as the FCRA. “Whether the compliance requirement is for healthcare, financial services, or general HR compliance, we have never had a ruling filed against us for violations of the FCRA or any other consumer reporting statute, regulation, or act,” says Gordon.

Cisive also makes use of a workflow that is based on compliance. During the client onboarding process, the company discusses aspects related to compliance, legal issues, and requirements with them and signs a well-documented contract before the deployment.

“What makes us different from the lot is the accuracy of the information we gather and deliver to our clients,” mentions Gordon. Cisive incorporates AI, ML, and automation in many of its solutions. For instance, the solutions automatically gather the employee information available on various online platforms. The software enabled solution, which is also supported by AI, makes the job easier and efficient.

Cisive has a diverse and rapidly expanding client base spread across different business sectors. For the unique needs of the trucking industry, the company provides background screening solutions under a brand name Driver IQ. In the automobile industry, Cisive brands as CARCO, offering a variety of insurance risk management solutions, including pre-insurance inspection, fraud detection, and data services to insurers. eVerifile, another Cisive company delivers configurable contractor workforce solutions to help organizations reduce supplier, contractor, and employee risk. Cisive provides drug testing services, biometric identity management solutions, and adjudication support for state and municipal entities through the brand Inquiries Screening. The company’s talent screening solutions for healthcare are offered through PreCheck. Blue Umbrella Screening is yet another Cisive company that provides pre-employment screening services and third party compliance technology across the globe.

The company also operates an executive intelligence division that delivers research services to help clients gain a competitive advantage. The company leverages a wide range of tools and expertise to deliver services, including due diligence and litigation support. For instance, Cisive manages pre-investment due diligence by leveraging its multi-disciplinary team, which gives the corporate leaders tailored solutions to mitigate risk. Alongside this, Cisive’s team provides detailed and actionable intelligence during all phases of the business cycle. These services essentially help clients explore new opportunities in the global marketplace.

Ensuring Success Throughout

The practicality of the solutions can be better understood with a real-life use case. A financial organization that was frustrated with its candidate onboarding process approached Cisive for a permanent solution. The client also recognized a need to integrate their background screening process with their existing applicant tracking system to reduce the time invested in manually conducting background checks.

After evaluating the situation, Cisive understood that many processes involved in the recruiting process were flawed. Cisive developed a completely customized paperless background screening process for the client and integrated it with their applicant tracking system. Additionally, the integration provided another significant benefit by returning results to the applicant tracking system. That enabled the HR team to store applicant details in one place. After the deployment, the client successfully eliminated the excessive paperwork and manual labor. “By reducing the time and labor required to complete the background screening process and by streamlining the overall applicant process, we helped them stay ahead of the curve,” states Gordon.

With many Fortune 1000 customers under its belt, Cisive is at the forefront of technology and is one of the leaders that introduced mobile technology in the background screening process. It is also the first company to implement Biometric and government-issued ID verification through its product - ID verity. In the coming years, Cisive plans to introduce Blockchain into its platform to avoid duplication of processes in background verification. With a combined experience of more than 40 years, Cisive strives for customer success and envisions extending its services to new sectors in the days to come.

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