Assurant Shipping Insurance: Fit-to-Purpose Coverage Programs

Todd Gerrez, Director, Business Development
Shippers handling thousands of goods experience a series of coverage bottlenecks when their packages are lost or damaged. Coupled with claims delays from providers, the process is often a stage for tug-of-war—where the insured fights to get their claim paid on time. This is where Assurant Shipping Insurance stands out. Todd Gerrez, Director of Business Development, states, “We act as a partner, not just as vendor, focusing on technology to offer the best coverage in the industry.”

In early 2016, Assurant, Inc. acquired Shipsurance, a well-established shipping insurance agency with 15 years of experience. The company offered true all-risk coverage for products transported through major carriers worldwide. Now that Shipsurance is part of Assurant, additional resources are now available to think strategically and develop creative solutions. Insights from millions of data points are being used to understand the market and adapt as needed, as well as develop customized solutions for clients. The acquisition brings value to both small and large clients. Gerrez explains, “We know how busy a day in the life of a merchant is, so we use technology to provide the most efficient and value-packed product offering available today.”

To seamlessly connect with the client’s order management or shipping system, Assurant has invested heavily in developing advanced integration solutions. Their unique software easily integrates with different platforms through simple API calls—alleviating the burden of complex integration processes. “In most cases, we can perform implementations within 24-48 hours,” notes Gerrez. “To insure with us, clients will never have to change the way they do business.” Whether the client is a merchant on Amazon or sells only through a specific website, the firm’s ‘Plug n Play’ solution can integrate seamlessly with the client’s custom shipping system and insure packages in a streamlined, efficient manner. Augmenting the insurance software is the company’s eReport— an intuitive electronic reporting system, managing end-to-end details of every insured shipment, all with a single click.

We act as a partner, not just as vendor, focusing on technology to offer the best coverage in the industry

With most claims being paid within five days, Assurant is saving clients time and money while retaining customer trust. Shedding more light into its hassle-free claims workflow, Gerrez explains the proprietary claims technology, “In the event of a damaged or missing package, shippers simply need to file a claim on our dashboard, or on a co-branded page that leads straight back to us with all the information needed for claims payment. Our claims center handles transactions via co-branded interfaces, processing claims as quickly as possible—usually within five working days instead of up to two months, as in the case of some of our competitors, from what we have been told. And clients can get paid in whatever form they prefer, including PayPal,” Gerrez remarks. Further underpinning the process is Assurant’s dedicated and experienced claims team that provides expert guidance throughout the process.

Forging ahead, Assurant is planning to roll out more advanced offerings in the shipping insurance industry—focused on aligning with different client business models. “We are committed to our goal of making our partner’s business operations easier. No merchant’s business model is exactly the same and their insurance offering shouldn’t be either. We are also technologically advancing to be more prevalent throughout the transaction, from pre-sale to post-sale,” Gerrez concludes.

Assurant Inc. is a global provider of risk management solutions, protecting where consumers live and the goods they buy. Assurant is a Fortune 500 company, located in 17 countries with approximately $30 billion in assets and $6 billion in revenue, as of Dec. 31, 2016.

Assurant Shipping Insurance

Woodland Hills, CA

Todd Gerrez, Director, Business Development

Assurant’s acquisition of Shipsurance offers lower rate shipping insurance with proprietary, simple to use technology

Assurant Shipping Insurance