AstralTech: An Oracle Expert for Enterprise Performance Management and PBCS

Devinder Sohi, CEO
As organizations grow, it necessitates the pace of growth to match with that of planning, budgeting, and consolidation processes. However, the firms are either mired in a vast set of time-consuming Excel based solutions involving multiple touch points and uncertain results or questioning their ongoing maintenance costs. Ontario, Canada based Astral Tech feels that the implementation of Oracle’s cloud-based Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) solution provides a sweet spot for all the aforementioned organizational problems. “Whether the organization is looking to evolve from their ‘Excel Hell,’ or migrate from legacy or cost-heavy solutions, we have the know-how to get firms into a well thought-out cloud solution,” says Devinder Sohi, CEO of AstralTech. “We have over a decade of experience in implementing Oracle’s planning/budgeting software.”

AstralTech brings extensive knowledge and experience of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) specific to budgeting, planning and reporting through its “In the cloud” and “On premises” implementation practice. “We are particularly leveraging our expertise for enablement of EPM in the cloud through Oracle PBCS,” remarks Sohi. The company specializes in full suite of Oracle Hyperion applications including Essbase, Hyperion Planning (HP), Hyperion Financial management (HFM), and others solutions.

Oracle’s Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management is a modular suite of integrated solutions that supports a broad range of strategic and financial performance management processes. It enables management excellence like aligning the goals and objectives of all stakeholders, achieving compliance and transparency, and meeting increasing end-user demands and innovation at minimal cost. Astral Tech’s considerable experience working in the Oracle EPM space has allowed them to develop a tried and tested methodology in assessing the unique needs of each organization and implementing solutions quickly with reduced risk and higher confidence.

In addition, the company’s managed services lets clients choose which services they need to get the most out of their Oracle software. For a predictable per-month fee, Astral Tech’s Hyperion Managed Services can be tailored specifically for a firm’s business.

We are prepared to leverage our knowledge of the Oracle based solutions to lead our clients to full suite of Oracle EPM Cloud solutions

“Today organizations typically rely on a mix of tech¬nologies to address their business needs, hence we also special¬ize in data integration technologies and solutions,” asserts Sohi. Astral Tech also provides on-site training services tailored to business process, software implementation or individual needs related to Oracle EPM solutions.

An example illustrating the company’s deep-rooted proficiency in EPM comes in the form of Astral Tech’s work with one of the leading provider of mining related product and solutions. The firm’s VP of finance needed his team to be able to provide him consolidated financial reports from multiple ERP systems and make the reports available in multiple currencies. They wanted to implement Oracle Essbase—an online analytical processing solution but with short implementation period and low implementation and maintenance cost. AstralTech implemented Oracle PBCS that integrated with Excel using Smart View add-in and PBCS Essbase ASO module on Cloud to create Profitability and Fixed cost cubes. “We were able to pull data from multiple data sources and create consolidated canned reports and Essbase Outline formulae gave the multi-currency functionality,” explains Sohi.

To stay on the leading edge of EPM solutions AstralTech believes in continuous learning. Their consultants who already come with industry experience continuously keep themselves educated with current and future Hyperion EPM solutions. “At Astral Tech we are poised to extend our existing knowledge and experience of EPM solutions to the next wave of Cloud based EPM solutions to meet the challenge of our clients,” concludes Sohi.


Ontario, Canada

Devinder Sohi, CEO

Provides Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and PBCS consulting, advisory, managed services and training solutions