Astreya: Managed Performance Model Amplifying Enterprise Productivity

Perry Santia, EVP of WW Field Operations
The changing workplace environment, due to economic and market fluctuations, and the changing labor market, is forcing enterprises to redefine their IT delivery models. Even though traditional delivery models such as staff augmentation or managed services help IT enterprises, the evolving business needs require a new performance-based model of IT support services. “At Astreya, we combine the best of both models into a unified, flexible, and productivity linked model,” says Perry Santia, EVP of Worldwide Field Operations at Astreya.

Most firms have realized the necessity to focus on employee productivity or revenue per employee. “Managed performance model is a better way to achieve the best of both worlds, with performance-based SLAs along side the flexibility offered by a staffing company. The differentiating factor for us is our complete understanding of local IT needs and agility in deploying the right talent globally, without compromising time or productivity,” says Santia.

With over 650 employees across 32 countries, Astreya ensures that an IT organization can expand and grow with just one partner. “We hire capable resources and maintain them on our payroll allowing us to have better control over their performance,” affirms Santia.

Astreya’s flexibility and speed of execution came to the forefront when a client lacked the bandwidth and the skills necessary to deploy networks on a global basis. The need was to provision circuits quickly and negotiate with suppliers and vendors. “These were global deployments in Asia, Europe, and North and South America where remped up 40 people within three months,” says Santia. Not only did the firm need to find the right talent, but also coordinate with program managers in these countries for the hiring of candidates. “Our global recruiting engine allowed us to find the right person for the job in a very short span with acomplex execution process where factors such as language, skill-sets, and training of the resources, come into play,” says Santia.

Astreya’s services under the Managed Performance model include its Readiness solutions ensuring all devices and tools are in the right condition, available, and accessible to all employees. “We provide desktop support and asset management from ordering, fulfilment, tagging, disposal, recycling, and replenishment to troubleshooting and application support,” adds Santia.
In addition, Astreya’s Service Bar focuses on increasing productivity when a user is having problems with their devices. “It is amazing what we hear by polling end users about their experience with current day models, usually an offsite helpdesk and dispatched L2/L3 support. We change this whole experience by reducing the downtime dramatically,” says Santia.

The differentiating factor for us is our complete understanding of local IT needs agility in deploying the right talent globally

Continuous access to network and data resources result in employees being more productive. Astreya’s Connected services provide world-class expertise in designing, provisioning, configurating, deploying and operating networks. The firm’s Collaboration Suite, in tandem with Readiness and Connected services, enforce better collaboration between teams, thereby increasing productivity. Astreya’s technicians support Video Conferencing, from preparing the location for deployment and building rooms to maintaining and supporting maximum uptime—allowing employees to seamlessly share documents or connect to distant colleagues. Through its Insight services, Astreya’s Managed Performance model measures and reports advancements in global employee productivity. On the telecommunication expense management front, Astreya measures, monitors, and audits bills to find errors saving their client from over paying telecom expenses.

Santia emphasizes “revenue per employee” as a key metric. He concludes by saying, “We will continue to provide highly talented resources on a staff augmentation basis. However, we are an Enterprise Contract Management provider at our core. We have the IP knowledge that today’s clients demand in helping transform to a more productive IT support environment founded on best in class IT processes and technology environments. We are en route to be known as the company that helps clients improve end user productivity by supporting their technology needs.”


Santa Clara, CA

Perry Santia, EVP of WW Field Operations

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