Astute Solutions: Extracting Customer Insights to Enhance Their Experience

CIO VendorJoseph M. Sanda, CEO
Being a globetrotter himself, Joseph M. Sanda, the CEO of Astute Solutions is well aware of myriad problems encountered during travel especially at exotic locations, and the need of enterprises in the travel industry to efficiently support the consumer wherever they are. Headquartered in Columbus, OH, Astute Solutions’ flagship product ePowerCenter CRM improves the quality and efficiency of contact center interactions, enhances consumer relationships, reduces costs, and provides powerful insight into the voice of the consumer. It enables the travel agents to view, manage and process all interactions through a single, intuitive user interface. The highly configurable “out-of-the-box” reporting capabilities gives real-time information gathered in the contact center.Astute Solutions focuses on consumer businesses with its–omni-channel customer care and contact center solutions engineered to solve day-to-day consumer interaction challenges.The company believes that every enterprise should provide an exceptional customer experience and even if any imperfections happen, the system should facilitate a quick resolution and provide feedback tools that assist in reducing the likelihood of the problem occurring again. The company provides an Enterprise grade solution similar to Amazon’s Mayday. It also eliminates the need of customers to connect to the call center as with the push of a button,

ePowerCenter CRM enables travel agents to view, manage and process all interactions through a single, intuitive user interface

the all the data around the customer’s action on mobile phone goes straight to the call center and they instead call back the customer. There is a provision for the customers to chat with the enterprises using mobile, laptop PC, Tablet through Facebook, Twitter and the company’s software understands the consumer’s needs and routes the queries to the right person of the enterprise to help them. Astute Solutions has the ability to mine large sets of surveys. Its natural language processing engine looks for a number of key elements including the sentiments of the consumer’s expressed language in the survey, specific topics that are being discussed—all of which can be done across multiple sources. “The idea is to compile the data to help an enterprise or a hotel or an airline to understand how the consumers are responding to a specific experience to improve customer service,” says Sanda. The company’s innovative solution improves customer satisfaction by extracting and identifying voice-of-the-customer insights.
Astute Solutions has been equipping enterprises across industry channels with the customer experience tools needed to emphasize the details on which successful customer relationships are built on. One of Astute Solutions’ clients, British Airways, a leading international airline known for its world class customer service, launched a global customer relation in 2003 and was facing the challenge of non-integrated collection of technologies, leading to excessive customer relations expenditures. With the help of Astute Solutions’ ePowerCenter, British Airways was able to handle million interactions replacing numerous non-integrated systems. The solution’s enhanced data collection and reporting offered British Airways an in-depth view of passenger experience, improving its service quality.
Looking forward, the company is going to release its next version of ePowerCenter CRM. Sanda says, “It is a very significant step for us both in terms of features and ability, making it run on any platform, anywhere. Our customers are planning to use it at airports on tablets, I-pads to better serve consumers as they travel.

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