Asynchrony Labs: Faster Delivery of Custom Software Applications

Steve Elfanbaum, Co-Founder & VP
Sometime back, the management at the MO based Fusion Marketing—marketing and advertising firm— was in a dilemma when seeking solutions for their problem at hand. The issue lay in identifying the appropriate technologies and architecture for their new Performance Solutions platform. They decided to create a “Performance Solutions” platform as it supports advanced analytics and predictive modeling, micro segmentation and communication, accessible from any device. After scrutinizing through prospects, Fusion Marketing approached Asynchrony Labs—an innovative software technology firm focused on the agile delivery of custom software applications.

Asynchrony Labs worked with the firm and facilitated a number of brain storming sessions to develop user personas across market segments. The initial information gathering process, in turn, helped guide the creation of the proposed feature set, including web and mobile mock-ups. In parallel, business requirements were mapped to technical components, tools and APIs, which were categorized into functional groups. This allowed Fusion to see how alternate road maps and various feature sets would impact cost and timing. In utilizing an agile approach in the platform inception phase, Asynchrony was quickly able to provide Fusion with a number of well-documented options to move forward and help Fusion’s executive committee approve the development phase. “Asynchrony’s agile approach manifests not only in their software development practices but also in partnering with their clients. We intend to leverage this approach with our clients as we move forward with a new platform,” says Chris Galloway, Fusion Marketing SVP and Performance Solutions Practice Leader.

Asynchrony helps organizations to balance the business needs by developing architectural products and deliverables for the enterprise and operational business lines. Asynchrony’s Krypdox—an enterprise wide, ultra-secure mobile file distribution solution, is designed for companies that regularly distribute confidential information to mobile users, such as, price list and financial reports lab notebooks. Built on a distributed architecture, Krypdox keeps unencrypted data behind the corporate firewall and allows to be decrypted only on authorized devices.

Agile development methodology allows us to be highly responsive to the evolving needs of our clients

It gives organizations complete control of files that are shared, from where it is sourced, and the level of security for every file and user. Moreover, Asynchrony Labs delivers subject matter expertise to high-level decision makers on architecture issues and solutions.

“Agile development methodology allows us to be highly responsive to the evolving needs of our clients and then getting it right,” notes Steve Elfanbaum, Co-founder, and VP of Asynchrony. The firm’s Agile Development Practice focuses on building high quality software. Consequently, the Business Innovation Practice from the firm helps organizations identify the right modules to build the right network. This in turn proactively spots technical challenges and dependencies delivering strategic business outcomes through incremental steps creating a safe and effective collaborative environment within the organization. Asynchrony Labs ease the collaborative process and ameliorates stakeholders discover, refine and establish consensus on business vision and high-level business outcomes. This increases speed to market, reduces risk, and allows user feedback and metrics to iteratively guide improvement of the emerging software. This approach supports continuous progress towards the long-term vision and maximizes return on investment.

With a proven stage-growth success, Asynchrony Labs aims to vanguard the pace of technological change through their pragmatic solutions and be the backbone for companies looking forward for effective EA Solutions. “We strive to help organizations adopt agile development methodologies—right from seeing change as a risk to manage, to using change as an opportunity to thrive in the unforeseeable future,” concludes Elfanbaum.

Asynchrony Labs

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Steve Elfanbaum, Co-Founder & VP

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