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Luc d’Urso, CEO The amount of data being generated every day is truly mindboggling. IDC report that data volumes are projected to scale from 33 zettabytes globally in 2018 to 175 zettabytes in 2025. That marks a 61 percent year-on-year increase, and just storing this vast amount of data has surfaced as a pressing industrial challenge. Even with all the documents, voice and video files, spreadsheets, plus everything we store on our smartphones, desktops, and laptops, we are barely scratching the surface with regard to data storage. Throw the exponentially growing data aggregated from IoT devices into the mix, and it is nearly impossible to wrap one’s head around the numbers!

As data volumes continue to skyrocket, the need for robust backup and recovery planning is crucial today more than ever. More importantly, the once streamlined process to prepare for and restore after natural disasters is today completely upended by the global scourge of ransomware that can compromise the very backup medium on which disaster plans are based. For perspective, there were twice as many ransomware attacks in 2019 as in 2016, and the average demand is now above $40,000 per attack. Enterprises must be equipped with the capability to navigate back in time before the attack and restore data accordingly. Against this backdrop, Atempo, a market leader in conventional data protection, is setting a new standard by aiding mid-sized and corporate organizations to preserve their entire data ecosystem.

Backup and Recovery: Not a Hassle Anymore

Atempo is one of the few multi-petabyte vendors to bring in a technology that scales to match storage growth. As data volumes continue to amplify with IoT devices, the traditional and historic backup protocol, NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) is no longer pertinent in the petabyte era with millions and billions of files to manage. As such, browsing complete file tree structures has become next to impossible. “Atempo has developed its proprietary FastScan technology that works with certain vendor APIs to avoid re-scanning the entire tree each time there is a data movement need,” begins Luc d’Urso, CEO of Atempo.

"This is the team spirit that has kept Atempo afloat against high tides and occasional stormy passages over the last 25 years"

He goes on to mention that as data is created and stored in multiple locations and formats across local, edge, or cloud storage, Atempo has introduced solutions curated for a single laptop to a complete data center hosting exabyte storage capacity. On account of the fact that cloud-hosted data is not always 100 percent risk-free, Atempo delivers a solution to backup SaaS solutions such as Office 365, OneDrive, and SharePoint. “We need longer data retention than those typically proposed by SaaS vendors. The possibility to store data in another physical location means we keep hold of our data at all times. Global deduplication ensures that multiple copies of a single file are not backed up individually each time. This provides massive storage savings,” explains Luc d’Urso. Besides, Atempo provides solutions for continuous data protection and time navigation for rapid recovery with a storage that is inaccessible to encryption attacks. Data retention times need to be sufficiently long to predate dormant malware. To this end, Atempo also commercializes “air gap” solutions; no virus or malicious encryption tool has yet been known to penetrate an offline tape. Luc d’Urso mentions that tape is experiencing a renewed level of interest and investment following the growing sophistication of cybercriminal attacks. As a result, organizations are increasingly turning to air gap backup storages. This is key network security measure where Atempo has significant experience and skills.

The University Hospital of Rouen was a recent victim of a massive cyberattack. What is clear to us is that Atempo solutions were highly instrumental in resolving the situation”, declares Sylvain François, CHU Rouen IT Director

Atempo is investing in ways to better understand and exploit data sets. Moving data between storages and extracting value from this data will provide firms with real competitive advantages and save them money because data can be moved rapidly to more economical storage. Through a dedicated innovation and research center, Nextino, based in Orléans, France, Atempo is helping customers with specific AI applications geared toward moving and managing large datasets. With this venture, the company is ensuring that customers will soon be able to store and utilize their data where they want and when they want.

Working on its alliances with various data storage constructors such as DDN and Qumulo and data hosting firms such as OVH and Scaleway. Atempo is realizing its vision to create a global solution. According to Luc d’Urso, customers today lay emphasis on the value a solution provides, and not just the technological prowess of the solution deployed. The simpler, faster, and more powerful a solution is, the better! Atempo has a vast compatibility guide and an open format, non-proprietary approach to backup and recovery. The company’s product suite has the capability to protect and recover almost all physical or virtual environments and OS/applications. In addition to pure backup, Atempo has developed migration, archiving, and synchronization solutions for massive volumes of unstructured data—one of its key attributes.

Standing out from the Crowd

So, how exactly has Atempo amassed such a wealth of technological expertise?

One can attribute the company’s insatiable hunger to constantly scale new peaks and adapt with changing times. Despite 25 years of proven technology and experience, Atempo isn’t ready to rest on its laurels and encourages its team to adopt a disruptive technology mindset. Through open innovation,
Atempo ensures that its solutions perfectly fit customers’ needs. Banking on developers who average over 14 years of experience in the storage sector, Atempo fosters strong technological and strategic partnerships with vendors and distributors within its ecosystem. Atempo also provisions support teams dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction based on its Customer Care Program. Customer satisfaction, which is measured on a weekly basis, currently stands at an impressive 94 percent. The support team has worked cohesively for a long time and continues to serve as a united and supportive group that brings an in-depth understanding of customers, their activities, technical constraints, and IT architectures. This helps the team render quality services to customers.

At its core, Atempo is an engineering company that has little reason to over invest in marketing hype. Reluctant to blindly follow certain trends —which often turn out to be ephemeral— Atempo seeks out concrete benefits of actual technological revolutions that genuinely aid customers.
With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Atempo strives to be responsive and available at all times in order to win the trust and loyalty of its clientele. A strong proponent of collective intelligence, Atempo works closely within its ecosystem to make sense of each customer experience. Furthermore, Atempo’s global presence has heightened its commitment level to create value and leave a lasting impression in any country where it does business. To that end, Atempo hires and works with local suppliers and partners, and thereby pays local taxes.

Embodying the Spirit of Teamwork

Atempo could not have sailed the seven seas—to emerge as a global player in the backup and recovery landscape—without Luc d’Urso at the helm and the team spirit he has fostered. The nautical analogy rings true since Luc d’Urso, a keen, leads his troops at Atempo in the same way that a sailor weathers the storm and responds to the adversities encountered in the open sea. Akin to all sailors, he prefers to “set a cap” with the rest of the crew before setting sail; and in a race situation, he ideally sets the cap before his competitors, accepts the risks entailed, and reviews settings based on conditions. Luc d’Urso attaches great importance to the quality and character of each crew member who accepts to come onboard. Relationships are based on mutual trust and respect; essential to maneuvering rapidly without the skipper having to check everything himself.

This collaborative approach has a two-pronged effect. Since Luc d’Urso and his team “give it their all” during the race. Whatever the result, the team always stands united. “Frankly, we hate losing more than we love winning! This is what has kept Atempo afloat against the occasional stormy passage over the last 25 years,” says a proud Luc d’Urso, before adding that Atempo’s resilience has resonated with its customers, allowing the company to build genuine, durable relationships over the years.

"Atempo enabled us to recover all the data following a CryptoLocker attack. It showed its strength with the time navigation module, which allowed us to restore from just prior to the attack. We were able to limit our losses and rapidly restore millions of files for all our users,” says Thierry Herrijgers, IT Infrastructure Manager at Angers University Hospital in Western France"

Speaking of longstanding ties, Atempo takes immense pride in its partnership with the Canadian National Film Board (NFB). Owing to a fruitful relationship of over 10 years, the NFB recently renewed its contract with Atempo.

Although its accomplishments in the media and entertainment sector are striking, Atempo has made its presence felt in healthcare too. Recently, Atempo sent professional service teams to two major French hospitals to restore and recover IT operations after a major cyberattack.

What’s Next?

As it has, for nearly three decades, Atempo will continue to spot industry trends ahead of time and align its journey accordingly.

After 10 years of the “Cloud-First” trend, Atempo believes enterprises are ready to revert to a balance between on-prem and cloud, a framework that will give new meaning and relevance to Atempo’s existing solutions. Similarly, the company is keeping tabs on the renewed level of interest received by “air gap,” a choice of storage where Atempo’s experienced counts for so much.

With the data backup and storage industry evolving at a rate of knots, Atempo is equipped to confront the data tsunami that needs to be moved and protected. It is the only way for businesses to survive and thrive. “We have a significant headstart thanks to our experience managing large data volumes in the media and entertainment industry. The superior stature of our company also means we will be in pole position to maneuver rapidly and efficiently as the backup and storage industry cards decks are reshuffled,” concludes Luc d’Urso.

Atempo News

Atempo announces the launch of Tina 2020, a new generation of its software platform dedicated to the backup and restoration of physical and virtual machines

Paris - Atempo, the European leader for professional digital protection solutions with an international presence, is delighted to announce the launch of Tina 2020, marking a decisive stage in the evolution of its award-winning solution dedicated to the backup and restoration of physical and virtual servers.

Tina has protected the infrastructures of thousands of companies across the world for more than 25 years. The last two decades have witnessed the arrival of major changes such as virtualisation, the cloud, hybrid architectures... To meet data protection needs and constraints of its customers and partners, Atempo is proud to present this latest iteration of Tina, with a complete interface redesign for increased intuitiveness and improved ergonomics that simplify the administration and configuration of the product and facilitate data restoration.

Tina’s users are primarily made up of backup administrators, who have increasing numbers of virtual machines and applications to protect each year. They need supervision systems that get straight to the point enabling potential problems to be detected in seconds. When starting up new machines they need efficiency and clarity, and predefined elements ready to be applied. Lastly, in the event of an incident, they require increasingly intuitive interfaces with wizards to simplify and speed up post-incident restarts and infrastructure validity.

New key features for business security and sovereignty needs

This new version offers many benefits in terms of ease of use and data protection and restoration. It also makes it possible to support new environments, to reduce operational and infrastructural costs and to facilitate their use.

Key new features for Tina 2020:

- Cloud-based backups: our customers can select a cloud destination (AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, Swift...) to store their backups.

- OpenStack VM backups: the VMs created in these virtualized environments are backed up by Tina 2020 to one or more target storage media (cloud, tape, disk, etc.). All this is done without deviating from our model; no need to install agents in each VM; Tina 2020 handles incremental backups and granular restores.

- O365 and OneDrive backup: this function enables integrated protection of messaging services and OneDrive folders and files. The protection of these critical environments enables granular restoration of objects (emails, meetings, contacts, files, etc.).

- Enhanced security with a new password management policy, limited communication policies with encryption tools and updated third-party software dependencies which will prevent any security breaches.

- Use of API REST making the entire Web interface accessible to developers.It can be integrated into workflows, making it possible to control and administrate the product without a graphical interface.

- Support for ARM processors due to the high demand and their ability to support large volumes and the good quality, price and performance ratio.

“We are proud and delighted to announce that we have completely redesigned our Tina data protection solution in order to make it easier to use for all our customers Whether it is a question of overseeing the entire solution using the new dashboard or of configuring new backup workflows through the new graphic interface or by using API REST, everything has been redesigned with ease of use and simplicity in mind. The same applies to the restoration of virtual machines, where just 3 clicks are needed to restore a collection of VMs or to restart them directly on the deduplicated secondary storage”, explainsPascal Potier, Vice-President Professional Services & Presales at Atempo.

“To describe Tina, our customers often use the words “reliability”, “robustness”, “trust”, “versatility”. It was listening to our customers and partners with the aim of meeting their data sovereignty needsthat guided us through the complete redesign of our backup solution. Tina 2020 achieves the highest standards of flexibility, ergonomics, and performance.The solution, which benefits from the labels “Used by the French Armed Forces” and “France CyberSecurity”, and we are proud of our graphic interfaces which will appeal to both customers and integrator partners looking for simplicity and improved productivity. Whilst favourable sovereignty winds are blowing to support French and European recovery plans, Tina 2020 plans to retain current users and attract new customers through its ability to reinvent itself”, concludes Luc d’Urso, CEO of Atempo.

Atempo announces the launch of Miria 2020, the new generation of its software platform dedicated to the migration, backup, and archiving of very large volumes of unstructured data

Paris – Atempo, the European leader for professional digital protection and movement solutions with an international presence, is delighted to announce the launch of Miria 2020, its software platform dedicated to the management of very large volumes of unstructured data to meet the needs of its customers and partners in terms of data protection, movement and availability.

Digital transformation is revolutionizing all industries today and generating exponential amounts of data. According to IDC, the global volume of data will multiply by a further 3.7 between 2020 and 2025, then by 3.5 every five years until 2035, to reach the dizzying sum of 2,142 zettabytes. Companies face massive storage challenges:server power, large data management solutions, the growing number of unstructured files.

New features to meet the requirements of companies in terms of Data Management

To help companies to manage the growing data flows, Atempo has updated its flagship solution Miria 2020, and strengthened its technological partnerships to offer a robust solution capable of managing billions of unstructured data files between heterogeneous storages.

Among the new features of Miria 2020:

- FastScan for Lustre: Today, many HPC/Big Data organizations using Lustre as their primary file system simply do not have a data protection solution in place, given the complexity of the file system. Traditional solutions quickly reach their limits with file tree scanning times that can last indefinitely depending on the volume of data to process. Atempo has developed a new FastScan connector for Lustre distributed file systems to perform efficient incremental data movement operations (backup, archiving, migration ...). The intelligence of the solution makes it possible to collect all system events over time and to keep a history of what has changed since the last operation. To do so, Atempohas worked closely alongsideWhamCloud and DDN, two companies involved in the maintenance and development of Lustre, to meet the needs of large heterogeneous storage environments.

- Cloud / Object storage as source:Miria is an excellent choice to orchestrate data movement operations in heterogeneous technological environments. Miria 2020 improves the existing functional coverage by offering the ability to launch backup, archiving, or migration tasks directly from Cloud storages or object storages. Check our latest compatibility guide for data movement destinations.

This functionality covers the following use cases:

• Protection of object storage data on site

• Archiving from on-site object storage to optimize costs

• On-premises NAS migration to the Cloud

• Migration from the Cloud to on-site object storage (Reverse Cloud)

- New interfaces for end users: After Lina, Miria for Migration, and Tina, it's Miria for Archiving's turn to appear with a new interface: intuitive, efficient, and rapid with the user experience (UX) issued from a collaboration with a group of users to ensure that their needs matched the new interface.

- Support for ARM platforms: considered today as a must-have architecture like Intel platforms, the ARM platform is now supported by Miria 2020.

“The partnership with our technological alliances significantly stimulates the development and improvements of our solutions. This new release, which addresses core Cloud and HPC data streams, will strengthenMiria's position as a leading solution for all major data migration, archiving and backup projects.” explains Louis-Frédéric Laszlo, Director of Product Management at Atempo.

“It is imperative for Atempo to meet the needs of our customers, whatever their specificities. To achieve this, we have forged strong technological partnerships, particularly with DDN and WhamCloud. Our goal is to constantly improve our solutions by providing our customers and partners with the most innovative and efficient technologies in the fields of Data Protection and Data Management." concludes Luc d'Urso, CEO of Atempo.


South of Paris (Massy), France

Luc d’Urso, CEO and Herve Collard, VP Marketing

Atempo is a European leader for conventional data protection that preserves data ecosystems for mid-sized and corporate organizations globally. The company holds a reputation for high-level technical expertise in protecting and migrating huge data volumes in sectors like bank and finance, life sciences, industry, media, and entertainment. They offer highly scalable backup and migration solutions. Their solutions for clients include backing up mission-critical data, restoring data as and when needed, maintaining data integrity, and move data affordably between storage locations for short or long-term storage in complete security