Atlantic Metro: Managing Underlying IT Infrastructure Round the Clock

Matthew Lombardi, CEO
Located just ten miles west of Washington, DC, Vricon— the leading provider of photo realistic 3D products and digital elevation models—needed massive amounts of bandwidth, power, and data center space within a small footprint to launch a new 3D satellite imagery company. With their own data centers, robust internet network, colocation services, and managed services offerings, Atlantic Metro became the obvious choice for Vricon’s needs. As a managed infrastructure service provider, Atlantic Metro assisted Vricon by offering data center space that not only met strict security and geographic specifications but was also properly engineered to cool their high-density configurations. Two years after the initial implementation, Vricon continues to expand its services with Atlantic Metro to include additional cabinets and bandwidth.

Atlantic Metro has grown to become one of the most sought-after IT Infrastructure providers, gaining prominence in the industry by delivering integrated cloud hosting, data center colocation, and high-capacity network connectivity. With an aim to curb the cost and time spent by leveraging multiple IT vendors, Atlantic Metro works with each customer to implement and support a complete integrated IT infrastructure solution. “Need to tie in an additional branch office? We connect it easily with no redesign or sophisticated engineering required. Need another cabinet in the data center or to connect to another network? Our team provides racking and networking services to ensure rapid turn-up and implementation,” says Matt Lombardi, CEO of Atlantic Metro. “If you need cloud computing, we can get you started by supplementing your existing infrastructure with cloud-based VMs or migrating existing servers into the cloud as they approach end-of-life.”

To ensure customer convenience and ensure the prompt delivery of services, Atlantic Metro offers an automated customer portal to facilitate the sales process. Furthermore, once connected to the firm’s robust IT Infrastructure platform, customers can experience greater flexibility and faster implementation of services, and seamlessly scale their computing and connectivity resources to meet future demand.

Atlantic Metro works with each customer to implement and support a complete integrated IT infrastructure solution

Integrating these core IT Infrastructure components also gives customers the flexibility to implement more sophisticated configurations and service options, including the ability to augment physical servers in the cloud, comprehensive business continuity solutions, and much more. As a result, their fully orchestrated technology platform supports dynamic provisioning for future business development. As an Infrastructure as a Service provider, Atlantic Metro provides its clients with utmost scalability with no fork-lift upgrades or unpredictable back-end costs.

In addition to this, Atlantic Metro’s solutions are delivered via their own secure data centers and nationwide network backbone to protect customer’s mission-critical data, minimize downtime, and ensure stable and high-bandwidth connectivity for customers. These Tier III and Tier IV data centers utilize a wide variety of security measures, including biometric and kinetic locks, CCTV cameras, mantrap entries, and 24x7 on-site security staff, to keep their customers’ data safe.

A pioneer in making technology simple, manageable and affordable, Atlantic Metro aims at assisting clients to reduce risk and time to market. Over the past year, Atlantic Metro has expanded its data center footprint and service offerings, both nationally and globally, and plans to continue expanding their platform to major metropolitan regions around the world. “Our team of experts is working towards building long-standing relationships and is dedicated to empowering the growth and success of our customers,” concludes Lombardi.

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Matthew Lombardi, CEO

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