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Izhak Musli, CEO
Small to medium sized medical practices collect a tremendous amount of business data pertaining to financial performance, patients, marketing campaigns, inventory, scheduling, and overall operations. The challenge for owners, physicians, and managers operating these practices is not to collect the data, but rather to leverage and integrate this information effectively to make better decisions, drive growth, and boost efficiency. Most medical practices lack automated, intuitive business intelligence tools that enable data-driven decisions and performance-based management. To resolve this challenge, AtlasKPI, a SaaS startup based in Miami, Florida, has developed a unique, cloud-based dashboard that analyzes, blends, and presents data in highly intuitive, real-time charts and graphs.

Solution: Intelligent Data-Dashboard

Izhak Musli, CEO of AtlasKPI, believes “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” and has made it his mission to implement data-driven decisions in even the smallest medical practice.

Atlas is a powerful data analytics and visualization tool, designed to consolidate all business analysis into a single, automated reporting system. The dashboard automatically blends data from different software platforms to generate meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in simple graphical visualizations, eliminating the need for manual reports and saving time. Atlas allows any business to intelligently monitor every aspect of performance in order to boost profitability and productivity.

Implementation: Automated Integration and User-Friendly Platform

Education and technology are at the core of the AtlasKPI strategy. The team has carefully crafted the dashboard to alleviate challenging aspects of practice management so intuitively that users require no financial, technical, or operational expertise. As part of the implementation process, Atlas experts become deeply familiar with clients’ data and business processes. The dashboard securely integrates, extracts, and encrypts data from nearly any software tool, including various accounting, customer relationship management, electronic medical records, marketing analytics, and call system platforms. Once the client’s platforms are synchronized, the dashboard runs an instantaneous data analysis to generate detailed visualizations.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

“Clients evaluate their business from a birds-eye-view or select only the most relevant business units, products, services, time periods, and frequencies,” Musli explains. Some of the most impressive features and benefits of the Atlas dashboard include:

● Access anytime, anywhere
● Automatic notifications for business goals
● Personalized dashboards for the entire staff
● Powerful Chart Drill Down, Comparison, and Filtering Features
● Prebuilt Dashboard with common industry KPIs
● Automatic data synchronization and easy Implementation

Impact: Immediate ROI

Within just a few weeks of implementing the dashboard, clients recognize a substantial impact on their practice’s productivity. Dr. Renato Saltz, the owner of a prominent aesthetic surgery practice, states, “Thanks to Atlas, I have also been able to improve overall efficiency in my practice. Because the dashboard combines financial and operational data, I can finally see which areas of my business are actually generating income, and which need improvement.”

Future: Artificial Intelligence

Musli and the Atlas team are firm believers in Artificial Intelligence and plan to integrate this technology in exciting ways in 2018. The dashboard will feature powerful forecasting and prediction capabilities that will notify users when extra inventory should be ordered due an upcoming busy season or when owners should consider hiring, because staff is operating at capacity. This quarter the dashboard will roll out a ‘Siri’ feature allowing users to speak to their dashboard to generate new charts or even obtain business updates. “Imagine Siri presenting revenue forecasts at your next staff meeting,” says Musli when explaining the impact of this feature. Whatever the future holds for Atlas, we definitely encourage our readers to keep an eye on this startup and to access www.atlaskpi. com to learn more about this innovative software solution.

Atlas KPI

Miami, FL

Izhak Musli, CEO

AtlasKPI is a cloud-based software used to increase profitability and productivity by analyzing and displaying operational, marketing and financial data in a highly intuitive, real-time dashboard

Atlas KPI