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Gayathri Malolan, VP of Projects
Moving from an on-premises infrastructure to the cloud can be a daunting task, especially for a company leveraging its outdated internal datacenters. This was the case for a global firm that was facing inflexibility in rolling out new features and managing their infrastructure as they were using 15-year-old datacenters. In their quest to find a reliable and innovative cloud services firm, they partnered with ATMECS and the results were stupendous. With their plethora of expertise in the cloud arena, ATMECS helped the client throughout their migration journey and provided the ability to construct and execute a roadmap to transfer their datacenter facilities to AWS and gradually deploy their solutions globally. The solution not only involved data center migration but also application migration to be a true cloud ready application, including the adoption of micro-services architecture.

Such examples form towering testaments to the prowess that ATMECS has achieved over the years in the cloud arena. With its extensive experience in providing infrastructure services to large enterprises, ATMECS leverages technologies such as big data analytics, mobility, and IoT to augment the core engineering and automation capabilities for its client’s cloud infrastructure. ATMECS can also provide robust automation testing by providing customized engineering frameworks for the same.

The trend to adopt the cloud has been exponentially increasing from application development/testing to automation, ML/AI, AR/VR, blockchain, and the IoT. In addition, the need to comprehend everything about the deployment and development of the DevOps culture has also become a prerequisite for organizations. As a result-oriented, full-service engineering and R&D organization, ATMECS’ expertise lies in leveraging cloud in these emerging technologies. The firm also assists its clients in building a DevOps culture within their organization.

ATMECS’ uniqueness lies in providing their clients with an integrated lab environment which brings together capabilities and technologies from multiple state-of-the-art labs such as AR/VR lab, IOT lab, and the Cloud lab.
Vasu Gourabathina, VP of Engineering
This integrated lab environment acts as a platform by providing clients an on-demand environment for innovation. “The lab is integrated to our development team which enables us to move a POC quickly into development,” says Gayathri Malolan, the VP of Projects at ATMECS. “The lab acts as a platform for many enterprises to accelerate their project timelines, by providing an on-demand environment for various POCs and sandboxed environments.” The ability to reduce the total time from idea initiation to product is enabled tremendously by ATMECS’ cloud adoption strategy. In addition, the firm’s team focuses on the continuous exploration of various technology domains; evidence of this is the fact that the cloud lab can support a scalable set of VMs and can link them together to build an effective solution.

The company employs architectural principles for its clients to simplify their cloud services. ATMECS is always on the forefront of embracing new technologies and brings expertise in business analytics, ML, AI, RPA, blockchain, and data visualization, helping organizations in creating revenue streams from their data lakes. “We bring in a holistic and objective approach toward performing a total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis for our clients, which ensures that the TCO is bearable to them and help them assess their cloud adoption strategies thereby reducing unnecessary costs,” mentions Vasu Gourabathina, the VP of Engineering at ATMECS. “Often, clients get worried about locking in with a single cloud provider, and this TCO analysis helps clients assess the cloud adoption strategy.”

Having carved a unique niche and traction by serving several global organizations, ATMECS has an R&D center in the U.S. and aims to expand to the European markets as well. On the technology side, the firm plans to invest heavily in AI, AR, VR, IOT and blockchain technologies to ride the future wave in splendid fashion.


Santa Clara, CA

Gayathri Malolan, VP of Projects and Vasu Gourabathina, VP of Engineering

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