Atmospheric: Optimizing Cloud Based Solutions on Microsoft’s Azure Platform

David Verschaffelt, Managing Director
Adoption of Cloud solutions by SMB’s is providing unprecedented agility, scalability and redundancy, providing access to enterprise level technology without the resource commitment required for on premise infrastructure. “In the modern era of rapidly-changing technology, adoption of Cloud services reflects just how important technology has become to business,” says David Verschaffelt, Managing Director, Atmospheric.

For SMB’s the challenges associated with cash flow, funding growth and time pressures persist alongside new challenges associated with a mobile first, cloud first world. It is becoming more challenging for organizations to stay abreast of changes in technology and changes in how customers want to interact.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Atmospheric focuses on making a positive impact by helping their clients address these challenges. They achieve this through delivering a combination of core products like Office 365, Azure and CRM Online, and incorporating a real understanding of client’s operations into the solution architecture.

Atmospheric leverages their partnership with Microsoft to assist with these challenges. Verschaffelt says, “We devote time to staying at the forefront of the services and products offered by Microsoft, and constantly align with the vision and strategy direction of Microsoft.”

Atmospheric offers three service streams; all built using components of the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Atmospherics’ core product Cloud-Sphere offers a fully managed cloud solution to SMBs. Clients decommission their on premise servers and adopt full cloud infrastructure, with the benefits of global enterprise quality infrastructure while maintaining much-valued local support. “Clients get the future proofing of subscription based licensing and flexible infrastructure, which provides the foundation for future development,” says Verschaffelt.

Atmospheric’s Work-Sphere and Knowledge-Sphere products engage extensively with clients on particular workloads and help them migrate to cloud based prod¬ucts, whether Exchange or SharePoint or Dynamics CRM Online or other insight man¬agement tools.
These layers incorporate bespoke cloud services, often delivered as consulting projects. “With all our solutions we undertake an initial review and develop a ‘roadmap’ to the Cloud, this ensures that the implementation of our solutions is seamless and stress-free for clients,” says Verschaffelt.

Atmospheric also offers Microsoft Lync (Skype for Business) as a Unified Communications product that connects people and enables greater collaboration. “We feel that the power of Lync really lays its native integration with the full range of Microsoft products,” says Verschaffelt.

We understand the client’s unique situation, their value proposition or brand promises, their core workloads and future opportunities, and provide the right solution

“What’s unique about our offer is our ability to fit the solution to the client and deliver real value. This is where gaining an understanding our client’s value proposition, and their core workloads and future opportunities, becomes key to providing a solution that transfers value to our clients. It’s about the right solution, not a one-size fits all approach.”
Staying ahead in the technology curve is an obsession for the team and Atmospheric has a unique methodology for innovation.

The Atmospheric team focus on the constant enhancement of internal systems and processes, with the key being that they use the same components as the solutions offered to clients. The company recognizes the value of engaging deeply with Microsoft to maximize the advantages of their close partnership. This helps the Atmospheric team stay on track while continually refining their business model to allow maximum value transfer to clients.


Auckland, NZ

David Verschaffelt, Managing Director

MSP focused on the SMB market, offering a range of solutions from helpdesk and managed services, to infrastructure and Cloud deployment and consulting services around projects, including Dynamics CRM and Skype for Business.