Atom Finance: Recipe for a Robust Investment Platform

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Eric Shoykhet, Founder
Building exceptional investor experiences can be tricky for financial services companies and trading platforms. They gather crucial investment information by leveraging a mix of brokerage firms and data providers. But there is no front-end software layer that aggregates the investment research information, builds a series of modules based on numerous financial calculations, and presents it in a readily consumable way for investors.

This is where Atom Finance comes in. Atom Finance offers an embeddable investment intelligence platform so clients can cut through complex processes and dramatically improve their investors’ experience. The platform offers a wide range of tools, enabling investors to search raw market data, integrate brokerage holdings, read institutional quality news, see analyst estimates, review historical financial data and documents, and easily access SEC filings.

The feature that makes Atom Finance stand out is its data and brokerage integration. Clients no longer have to partner with multiple data companies, ingest various data feeds and data points, and normalize and clean data before using it to calculate ratios and analytics for investors. Atom Finance’s modular offerings, such as its stock overview page, include a company’s crucial data—stock charts, earnings, news, upcoming events, analyst recommendations, and more, to help investors make informed decisions.

“We want to help fintech companies and neobanks create an investor experience like never before,” says Eric Shoykhet, CEO of Atom Finance. “With our suite of solutions, they can offer a one-stop, engaging investment research and market-monitoring platform.”

Enterprises can immensely benefit from Atom's platform by integrating via a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) embedded into their own experience— delivering advanced market monitoring and investment research capabilities.

One of Atom Finance’s clients, Inter & Co, a publicly traded neobank, wanted to expand the stock coverage they provide for Brazilian securities and extend their coverage to include U.S. stocks on their retail brokerage platform.
By partnering with Atom Finance, Inter & Co was able to embed modern investment research tools into their retail brokerage platform, empowering investors with improved investing knowledge and exclusive insights. Inter & Co revamped their platform by incorporating features like more detailed investment company pages, push notifications, and news alerts to enhance the quality of investors’ research experience. This differentiation and expansion into the U.S. markets helped them grow as a company and diversify their streams while simultaneously enabling novice investors to reach financial freedom.

We want to help fintech companies and neobanks create a retal investor experience like never before. With our suite of solutions, they can offer a one-stop, engaging investment research and market-monitoring platform

Atom Finance’s product roadmap is heavily influenced by user feedback. When customers indicated they wanted a comprehensive, one-stop shop to access everything they need to know about companies they care about during earnings season, Atom Finance developed an Earnings Analysis Hub. It offers derived data insights of a company’s upcoming or recent earnings report so investors can easily see whether their tracked securities meet their forecasts and what's driving price movement. Atom has turned what can often appear as a mass of complicated figures and terms of public companies each quarter into embedded digestible modules for retail investors of all skill levels.

Atom Finance understands that each business partner has a unique vision for their investors and wants to create an experience that fulfills their needs. With Atom Finance by their side, businesses can take their offerings to a new level and remain competitive in today’s dynamic retail investment market.

Atom Finance

New York City, NY

Eric Shoykhet, Founder

Atom Finance strives to help its clients build a one-stop, engaging investment experience with its suite of offerings, ranging from brokerage integration, institutional-quality news, analyst estimates, historical financials, SEC filings, and more.

Atom Finance