AtomAMPD: Single Interface to Address End-to-End Network Security Needs

CIO VendorDaniel Field, CEO
Daniel Field, CEO at AtomAMPD learned first-hand what can happen if you take current technologies for granted. He recalls of an incident when he was setting up a network security solution for a client. Field installed the “box” of a security appliance for the client, which after just a few months from the purchase was obsolete due to new technology that was only available with a different “box”.

“Instead of selling the old unit on the on-line marketplace, I used it as a door stop for a while as a reminder,” Field quips. Witnessing many such challenges in his 30 years of building and managing best-of-class technology companies; Field uses these experiences to craft better and longer-lasting network security solutions at AtomAMPD.

“The rapidly changing technologies of today are powerful enough to make firewalls, server encryptions, web filters, and other network security solutions obsolete the next day,” says Field. “However, a large number of ‘box’ solution providers still pass them off as ‘best solutions’ to their customers at large upfront costs,” he adds.

In stark contrast, AtomAMPD deploys their solutions at much lower costs through a single cloud platform. Consequently, AtomAMPD is able to deliver many solutions from the same platform. “The biggest advantage is that this will be the last solution the client needs to deploy,” notes Field. As AtomAMPD creates new modules or updates existing ones, current users will get access to them without having to buy another “box”.

“We call ourselves ‘Hardware Agnostic’, since we work with a variety of hardware, including repurposed servers,” states Field.

The company has many clients that had stacks of fairly recent servers sitting in a corner, but AtomAMPD repurposed them. The result is that the client’s actually had something more powerful than most new off-the-shelf appliances for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, all the company’s solutions can be accessed from a single, intuitive, user interface. “Security is one piece of the puzzle and there is less chance for error when multiple solutions are addressed from the same interface,” he adds.

The flexibility of AtomAMPD’ solutions enables a “fit just right” for any company’s network security needs from total ‘Lock Down’ (total shutdown of networks) to ‘Honey Pots’ (a network set up to bait cyber criminals). Ranging from state-full firewall and web filtering, to VoIP and VPN, these solutions can be deployed on any number of different hardware devices with functionality that fits the end user's specific needs. Dependent on the volume of users, AtomAMPD can deploy a single unit in contrast to a multi-unit redundant enterprise solution.
AtomAMPD’s security solutions are installed in police and fire departments, insurance companies, medical offices, educational channel (e.g. county offices) and more. One of the company’s clients, a medical office had to migrate to a new Electronic Medical Records system while ensuring that their communications system is HIPAA Compliant. “They also wanted more features than their existing system offered. Instead of spending $30,000 to $60,000 on new hardware and solutions, they spent less than $4,000 (including labor) simply by converting over to the AtomAMPD Solution through our reseller.”With AtomAMPD’s solution along with the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) connection, the client saved over $300 per month with just the phone service alone. An added bonus was that their information technology services improved by having the ability to fix problems (like a drive failure) by calling a single vendor. “No more blame games, as the vendors can’t point the finger at another “box” as the problem,” he remarks.

AtomAMPD has a network running for a client in Miami, FL. that is serving around 150 residences. Additionally, over the next 12 months they will be adding a list of nodes in a number of Asian countries where the company’s solutions are in the process of being deployed. “There are already two million users behind our solution, with another ten million users coming onboard and utilizing our Unified Communications as a Service Platform over the next nineteen months,” explains Field. As well, the company is working with a group of service providers who are looking to incorporate the security software into their products. For instance, as the IT landscape changes in many countries, AtomAMPD is now experiencing heightened interest from companies looking to "disrupt" their own way of doing things to stay ahead of the game. “I often joke about the fact that we may have over a one billion users in five years and no one will even know who we are since we will be the engine in another companies ‘hardware’,” explains Field. “It’s always interesting to be the disruptive technology that is making such a profound difference in a user’s return on investment. That’s exactly what we envisioned with AtomAMPD and what we are achieving. The fact is, informed users are weary of expensive and “tired” solutions. They want and expect the changes and the efficiencies that AtomAMPD is bringing.”

AtomAMPD is an excellent example of a business, which has found a niche once historically dominated by a few large corporations. We are able to deploy disruptive innovations to invade and replace older, more staid approaches. Recognizing that high-growth technology firms thrive when they combine superior management with creative and dedicated teams, Field has identified opportunities and developed new tools, processes and applications. This, he says helped him provide more value to clients at extremely competitive prices. By taking a page out of AtomAMPD’ success story, Field has advice for young entrepreneurs: “There is no ‘one size fits all.’ What makes us unique ‘can be summed up with one word - adaptable. By being adaptable, we are able to become the “Swiss Army Knife” of networking security solutions.”


Volo, IL

Daniel Field, CEO

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